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PANTOCIDUM (Pantocidum; synonym: Halazone, Pantosept) — antiseptic agent. N-Dikhlor-n-karboksibenzolsulfamid; With 7 H 5 With 12 NO 4 S:

White powder with a slight smell of chlorine. We will dissolve in water and very little divorced to-takh, we will easily dissolve in solutions of caustic and carbonic alkalis. Contains not less than 50% of active chlorine.

The disinfecting P.'s action is connected with ability of the active chlorine which is chipped off from its molecule to oxidize organic matters.

Item. apply hl. obr. for disinfecting of water. Besides, P. can be used for disinfection of hands (1 — 1,5% solutions), syringings and processing of wounds (0,1 — 0,5% solutions). At dissolution of one tablet P. in 0,5 — 0,7 l of water disinfecting of water is done within 15 min. At severe infection of water quantity of tablets P. increase up to two tablets by the same volume. Does not change tastes of water P.

A lack of tablets P. is their slow dissolution and low activity during the disinfecting of water with high content of humin substances or other organic compounds. Have activity, bigger in comparison with tablets P., bisulphate-panto-tsidnye of a tablet of Gubar. In modern conditions for disinfecting of an individual deposit of moisture use more effective remedies, napr, iodic tablets more often (iodorganic compounds in mix from tartaric to - that) and the tablets containing monosodium salt dichlorisocyanuric to - you.

Form of release: the tablets containing 0,0082 g of P., 0,0036 g of anhydrous sodium of a carbonate and 0,1082 g of sodium of chloride. Each tablet contains 3 mg of active chlorine. Tablets store in well corked container in the place protected from light.

See also Desinfectants .

N. V. Korobov.