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PANOPHTHALMIA (panophthalmitis; grech, pan all + ophthalmos of eyes + - itis) — an acute purulent inflammation of all fabrics and covers of an eyeglobe.

Results more often from exogenous introduction of an infection prp the getting wounds of an eyeglobe, is more rare by endogenous infection — a metastatic drift of an infection through vessels of a retina and a vascular path at the general septic and inf. diseases (pneumonia, meningitis, sepsis, is slightly more rare tuberculosis, a furunculosis, an inflammation of adnexal bosoms of a nose).

White and golden staphylococcus, a pneumococcus, a streptococcus happens the activator P. more often, is much more rare — a pyocyanic stick, adenovirus, a tubercular stick. P.'s cases at a mephitic gangrene are described.

Fig. 5. Acute panophthalmia of the right eye: the mixed injection of an eyeglobe; the pupil is deformed, expanded, color of an iris is changed, its drawing stushevan, the back synechia is visible at V o'clock; in a vitreous the purulent exudate causing yellowish color of a pupil.

At P. the fever, temperature increase, sometimes vomiting are noted sharp eye pain and in the corresponding half of the head. Are observed a hyperemia and the century, sharply expressed chemosis of an eyeglobe (hemoz), the mixed injection of an eyeglobe swelled. At side lighting at the bottom of an anterior chamber — the pus in 1 — 3 days filling all camera. The iris is hyperemic, its drawing stushevan. At the beginning of a disease at oftalmoskopiya (see) if she is possible, the phlebectasia of a retina is defined, in 1 — 2 days in a vitreous there is a purulent exudate (tsvetn. fig. 5).

Pus on emissariums of a sclera gets under a conjunctiva, infiltrirut peribulbarny fabrics and a tenonova the capsule. Increases the century, hemoz conjunctivas swelled, develops exophthalmos (see) mobility of an eyeglobe is also limited.

Treatment consists in intravenous and intramuscular administration of high doses of antibiotics of a broad spectrum of activity (Morphocyclinum, sodium salt of benzylpenicillin, gentamycin, Sigmamycinum, etc.) in a combination with intake of streptocides. Under a conjunctiva appoint sodium salt of benzylpenicillin, streptomycin or Monomycinum on 25 000 — 50 000 Units of Retrobulbarno and in a vitreous (after partial suction of a vitreous) enter Monomycinum on 25 000 PIECES into 0,5 ml of 0,5% of solution of novocaine in combination with 2000 PIECES of sodium salt of benzylpenicillin in 0,2 ml of trypsin (1: 5000).

As a result of timely complex therapy at a number of patients it is possible to keep an eyeglobe, subject sight is recovered seldom.

Prevention: sanitation of suppurative focuses in an organism; at perforated wounds of an eye — the general and topical administration of antibiotics of a broad spectrum of activity since the first hours of an injury.

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