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PANNUS (Latin pannus a rag, a piece of fabric) — the diffusion opacification of a cornea connected with transition of inflammatory process from a conjunctiva to a limb and a cornea. The item is most characteristic for trachomas (see). At this disease of P. like a curtain goes down from an upper limb and occupies upper parts of a cornea. Believe that tracheomatous P. is as a consequence of direct distribution of the activator on a cornea, and response its rough, uneven conjunctiva, last on mechanical irritation.

Nek-ry dystrophic processes in it can simulate a pannozny inflammation of a cornea. Such degenerative pseudo-pannus arises usually already on the eyes which went blind owing to various serious illness (glaucoma, amotio of a retina, etc.), after thermal or chemical damages.

P. meets and at tubercular and allergic keratitis (see), especially at children. Such P. can begin with any party, but it is not obligatory from above as tracheomatous.

Clinically at P. note decrease in visual acuity, dacryagogue, a photophobia. Depending on degree of manifestation of infiltration and vascularization distinguish a thin, vascular, fleshy and cicatricial pannus. At thin P. the insignificant superficial infiltration of a cornea which is located between an epithelium and a boumenovy membrane of a cornea is observed. At vascular P. vessels grow into surface layers of a cornea from an upper limb to area of a pupil and the lower limb. Fleshy P. strikes deep layers of a cornea with a large number of vessels owing to what the cornea takes a fleshy form. After complete elimination of the inflammatory phenomena signs of irritation disappear, but opacification of a cornea remains, and then P. call cicatricial.

Good diagnostic method at P. is the biomicroscopy; additional opportunities open during the use of a method of fluorescent antibodies and a fluorescent angiography of front department of an eyeglobe (see. Biomicroscopy of an eye , Fluorescent angiography ).

P.'s treatment etiotropic and symptomatic. For elimination patol. vascularizations apply the radiation of the laser (see. the Laser, in ophthalmology ), proteolytic enzymes and in some cases keratoplasty (see).

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