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PANKREATOGRAFIYA (grech, pankreas, pankreatos a pancreas + grapho to write, represent) — a X-ray analysis of a pancreas in the conditions of its artificial contrasting. The hl is carried out. obr. for the purpose of diagnosis of a pancreatic cancer. In 1951 the technique rentgenol, researches of a pancreas by means of an axial tomography in a combination was developed with pneumoretroperitoneum (see) and inflating of a stomach air. In the subsequent in these conditions entered intravenously 20 — 40 ml of 70% of solution of a triyodirovanny contrast agent together with secretin (at the rate of 1 PIECE of secretin on 1 kg of body weight) and then carried out a X-ray analysis. Such technique received excretory P.'s name, it did not gain distribution since yielded unreliable results.

The wedge, value were kept only by a technique intra-and intraoperative P. was executed by postoperative P. Pervaya in 1951 Leger and Ervey (L. Leger, N. Arway). Further ways P. by a puncture of a pancreat duct were developed; by means of administration of contrast medium in a pancreat duct after its partial resection (in particular, after amputation of a tail of a pancreas and antegrade catheterization of one of channels) or after opening of a duodenum. Carry more often out P. by means of a kanulyation of a faterov of a nipple (a big nipple of a duodenum, T; papilla duodeni major). On depth of 3 — 4 cm enter a thin polyethylene catheter into a pancreat duct, then very slowly 3 — 5 ml of 50% of solution of a triyodirovanny contrast agent also make a X-ray analysis. This technique call also virzun-gografiy. Postoperative P. can be carried out through the drainage left in a pancreat duct after an operative measure.

Implementation in a wedge, practice of a retrograde pankreatokholangiografiya (see. Pankreatokholangiografiya retrograde ) and a computer tomography (see. Tomography computer ) sharply reduced use of the Item.

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