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PANGAMOVY ACID — the natural factor of not identified chemical structure having vitaminopodobny properties.

Rather chemical nature of P. to. there is no consensus: nek-ry researchers consider it dimetilgli-tsinovy ether gluconic to - you, others — oppose this statement, referring to the fact that dimethylglycine ether gluconic to - you extremely unstable connection which is quickly exposed to hydrolysis. Data on P.'s maintenance to. in an organism and foodstuff are absent. Its role as vitamin not of ustanovlena:dokazatelstvo that P.'s lack to. leads to any disturbances in a metabolism at the person (obligatory property of vitamin), is not available. P. given about performance to. any specific function in a human body are not received yet as well as data on need in it of the person and animals.

Calcic salt P. to. (vitamin B 15 ) apply in medicine as medicine (see. Pangamat of calcium ).

N. G. Budkovskaya.