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PANGAMAT OF CALCIUM (Calcii pangamas; synonym: vitamin B 15 , Calgam, Vitaminum B 15 ) — medicine, a basis to-rogo (apprx. 70%) are made by calcic salt of ether gluconic to - you and dimethylglycine.

Besides, drug contains apprx. 25% of a gluconate of calcium and apprx. 6% of calcium chloride.

Powder, white or white with a yellowish shade, with a characteristic smell. Let's dissolve in water, it is insoluble in alcohol, is hygroscopic.

Considerable maintenance of ions of Ca 2+ exerts a certain impact on effect of drug, however its main properties are defined by ether gluconic to - you and dimethylglycine.

The item to. has anti-hypoxemic and lipotropic properties, and also increases the content of creatine phosphate in muscles.

The anti-hypoxemic effect is shown by increase in portability of air hunger as an organism in general (e.g., at «rise» in a pressure chamber), and at local disturbances of supply with oxygen (e.g., at disturbances of cerebral and coronary circulation, occlusive atherosclerosis of extremities) the Mechanism of anti-hypoxemic effect consists in increase in activity of enzymes of a respiratory chain (hl. obr. cytochrome oxydases) therefore digestion of oxygen fabrics considerably increases.

Lipotropic action of P. to. comes down to reorganization of lipidic exchange in this connection the general maintenance of lipids in a liver decreases, the content of cholesterol and p-lipoproteids in blood decreases. Along with it the content in serum of lecithin and albuminous fraction of proteins increases. L of m yut-ropny action of P. to. connect with the fact that he, like methionine and sincaline, is a donor of methyl groups.

Assume that with it it is connected also observable under the influence of P. to. accumulation of creatine phosphate in cross-striped muscles.

Due to the features of a pharmacodynamics of P. to. it is successfully used at treatment of atherosclerosis of vessels of a brain, vessels of the lower extremities of I and II stages, hron, coronary insufficiency. Besides, P. to. apply at hron, hepatitises and alcoholism.

The item to. appoint inside on 0,05 — 0,1 g 3 — 4 times a day. A daily dose for adult 0,1 — 0,3 g; for children of 7 — 14 years 0,15 g. Course of treatment of 20 — 40 days. Repeated courses of treatment carry out in 3 months.

Drug malotoksichen and only in some cases can cause the passing erubescence similar to reaction to introduction nicotinic to - you.

The item to. it is contraindicated at substantial increase of the ABP and glaucoma.

Form of release: tablets on 0,05 g. Storage: in densely corked container in the dry place at a temperature not over 18 °.

See also Vitamins .

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Ya. B. Maksimovich.