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PANENCEPHALITIS (grech, pan all + encephalitis) — the inflammation of a brain which is characterized by defeat of white and gray matter. At the same time preferential defeat white can be observed (see. Leukoencephalitis ) or gray (see. Polioencephalitis ) substances though both in one, and in other case the structure and function of substance of a brain in general changes that is caused by disturbance of blood circulation, change of permeability of walls of vessels, allergic or immunopatol. reaction and other factors.

Allocate local (epidemic) and not local (not epidemic) panencephalites.

Local (epidemic) Item. virus etiology it is characterized by an acute or subacute current. Treat him, e.g., the Japanese (mosquito) encephalitis (see. Encephalitis mosquito virus ), encephalitis like St. Louis, the American mosquito encephalitis, vernal (Far East) encephalitis (see. viral tick-borne Encephalitises ) and nek-ry others. Damage of a brain at these diseases is caused by hl. obr. an identical tropnost of the activator as to gray, and white matter. Diseases of this group meet more often at adults, in 20 — 30% of cases lead to a lethal outcome.

Not local (not epidemic) The item is characterized hron, a progreduated current. In an etiology also certain role belongs to activators of the virus nature. Carry Van-Bogart and Dauson's subacute sclerosing leukoencephalitis, a leukoencephalitis to this group P. to Petya — Deringa and others leukoencephalites (see). Character of a current and an outcome of diseases to a large extent are defined by features of reactivity of an organism of the patient. Diseases of this group meet at children more often and at the progressing current in most cases in several months from an onset of the illness terminate in a lethal outcome.

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