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PANCREATECTOMY (Greek pankreas, pankreatos a pancreas + ektome excision, removal) — full or partial removal of a pancreas.

Indications: malignant new growths of a pancreas, benign tumors at their deep arrangement in a parenchyma of gland, hron, indurative pancreatitis, acute destructive pancreatitis, an injury of a pancreas with damage of its main channel and crush of a parenchyma.

Diagrammatic representation of operation of a left-side pancreatectomy: and — an exposure of a pancreas (1) after a section of a gastrolic sheaf (2) to a hilus lienis (5); the cross colon (4) is taken away down, the stomach (5) is delayed up; — cutting off of a tail and a part of a body of a pancreas (1) together with a spleen (2); on a stump of a pancreas (3) stitches are put (4).

Depending on localization and prevalence patol, process make left-side P. (fig.), a pankreatoduodenalny resection or total pancreatoduodenectomy (see). The isolated removal of a body of a pancreas is applied seldom.

At acute destructive pancreatitis and an injury of a pancreas the following options P. are possible: a pankreatosekvestrektomiya (if nekrotizirovanny sites of a pancreas were sequestered), a pankreatonekrektomiya (a nekrotizirovanny part of a pancreas is allocated in partially stupid, partially acute way and delete), a pancreatectomy (iron is mobilized and delete to border of damage or a necrosis).

After P. surely bring a drainage to a stump and a bed of a pancreas.

A. A. Shalimov.