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PAN-TOMOGRAPHY (Greek pan all + tomography; synonym orthopan-tomography) — a method of obtaining the layer-by-layer radiographic image of the object having the curved form. It is offered in 1949 Mr. of Y. V. Paatero. The hl is applied. obr. in stomatol, also gives to practice the chance to receive the image of jaws and all teeth (fig. 1) developed on the plane of a picture. P.'s combination with sialografiya (see) — the pantomosialografiya offered in 1971 by L. A. Yudin et al. allows to receive also the image of channels of parotid and submaxillary glands.

Fig. 1. Pan-tomogram top and bottom jaws.
Fig. 2. Habit view of the pan-tomograph C 5045: 1 — a kassetoderzhatel, 2 — an electric motor, 3 — a X-ray tube, 4 — a chair for the patient.

Items carry out by means of a special X-ray apparatus — the pan-tomograph (fig. 2). The slit-like bunch of x-ray emission through a dischargeable object gets on the film which is in the elastic cartridge, bent according to a form of an object. The synchronous mutual movement of a X-ray tube and film around an object provides layer-by-layer effect of a X-ray analysis and development of the image on a x-ray film.

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Yu. I. Vorobyov.