PALLADIN Vladimir Ivanovich

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PALLADIN Vladimir Ivanovich (1859 — 1922) — the domestic botanist and the biochemist, the academician of the St. Petersburg academy of Sciences (1914).

PALLADIN Vladimir Ivanovich

Ended in 1883. Moscow un-t, K. A. Timi-ryazev and I. N. Guo-rozhankina pupil. Managed departments of phytophysiology in Kharkiv (since 1889), Warsaw (since 1897) and the St. Petersburg (1901 — 1914) high fur boots and at the same time on the High female courses (1901 — 1914). The master thesis of V. I. Palladin (1887) is devoted to studying of value of oxygen for plants, and doctor's (1889) — to influence of oxygen on disintegration of proteic matters in plants. V. I. Palladin — one of creators of the theory of breath of plants as sets of the enzymatic processes which are carried out by system an eye and yes z and dehydrogenases. According to its representations, in the first phase of breath of plants there is anaerobic (i.e. without participation of oxygen) a disintegration of water and carbohydrates and recovery of the so-called respiratory chromogens serving as acceptors and hydrogen carriers; in the second phase oxygen of air oxidizes chromogens, turning them into respiratory pigments. These works of V. I. Palladin formed the basis of the modern theory biol, oxidations (see. biological oxidation ). V. I. Palladin was engaged also in studying of processes of education and coordination of effect of enzymes. Textbooks on phytophysiology, phytotomy, botany and microbiology are written to them.

V. I. Palladin created domestic school of physiologists and biochemists of plants; H were his pupils. N. Ivanov, S. P. Costa-chev, S. D. Lvov, N. A. Maximov, A. A. Richter.

Works: Influence of oxygen on a raspadeniye of proteic matters in plants, Warsaw, 1889; Phytophysiology, M. — Pg., 1924; Chosen works, M., 1960.

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