PALLADIN Alexander Vladimirovich

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PALLADIN Alexander Vladimirovich (1885 — 1972) — the Soviet biochemist, one of founders of the Soviet biochemical school, the academician of AN (1942), AMN (1944), the president of AN of USSR (1946-1962), the honorary member of AN of BSSR (1950), the winner of an award of V. I. L of an enin (1929), Hera of Socialist Work (1955), zasl. scientist of USSR (1935). The member of the CPSU since 1932.

PALLADIN Alexander Vladimirovich

Ended in 1908. St. Petersburg un-t. Since 1916 professor Ying-that agriculture and forestry in Kharkiv; from 1921 to 1931 the department chair of biochemistry Kharkiv medical in-that, and from 1933 to 1954 — Kiev un-that. In 1925 biochemical in-t in Kharkiv organized Ukrainian and was his director till 1969 (nowadays Ying t of biochemistry to them. A. V. of Pa of l of Ladino of AN of USSR in Kiev).

A. V. Palladin published St. 300 scientific works, including 4 textbooks, 9 scientific grants and 4 monographs. It «The textbook of biological chemistry» (1924) sustained 12 editions in Russian and 6 in Ukrainian languages, is translated to some other languages of the people of the USSR and foreign countries. A. V. Palladin was among the first researchers of vitamins: it and his pupils revealed disbolism at various avitaminosis, studied vitamin resources of the country; it synthesized a water-soluble analog of phthiocol — the Vikasolum which was widely used in to lay down. to practice. Its researches on one of the leading problems of biochemistry of muscles — to clarification of a role of creatine in an organism are known; works

A. V. Palladina on biochemistry of muscular contraction formed the basis of ideas of the biochemical nature of processes of exhaustion, rest and a training of muscles that promoted development of physiology of work and sport. And. V. Palladiya was also a pioneer in the area funkts, biochemistry of a nervous system; it and his pupils studied biochemical topography of nervous tissue, processes of transport of ions in structures of a nervous system, investigated features of exchange of proteins, nucleinic to - t and carbohydrate and phosphorus connections in nervous tissue at excitement and braking.

A. V. Palladin was a member of V U of the CEC (1928), the deputy of the Supreme Council of the USSR 2 — the 5th convocations, the delegate of the XIX—XXII congresses of the CPSU and the XVI—XXII congresses of the Communist Party of Ukraine, on to-rykh was elected the member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine. Since 1928 the permanent chairman of Ukrainian about-va physiologists, biochemists and pharmacologists; the president Vsesoyuznogo biochemical about-va (1964 — 1969). The editor redotdet «Biochemistry» in BME. Honorary member of a number of foreign academies of Sciences. It is awarded by the Orders of Lenin (five), Labour Red Banners (two), Red Stars, the October Revolution and medals, and also the Bulgarian award «Kirill and Mefodiy» I of degree.

Works: Researches over education and release of creatine at animals, Kharkiv, 1916; Bases of food, M., 1927; Chemical nature of vitamins, Kiev, 1941; Questions of biochemistry of a nervous system, Kiev, 1965; Proteins of a brain and their exchange, Kiev, 1972 (sovm, with other); Chosen works, Kiev, 1975.

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