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PALEOANTHROPOLOGY (grech, palaios ancient + anthropos of people + logos the doctrine) — the section of anthropology studying physical type and evolution of fossil people on bone residues — arkhantrop (pithecanthropi), paleoanthropes (Neanderthal men) and ancient neoantrop (Homo sapiens). The researches P. covers generally eras of a paleolith and the Neolithic, during to-rykh there was a process of formation of the person of modern type (see. Person ). Results of paleoantropologichesky researches give the chance to study the reason of emergence of diseases and their evolution, frequency and prevalence of the diseases inherent to ancient people (see. Paleopathology ). On internal molds of a head cavity (endocranes) investigate processes of formation of bark of big cerebral hemispheres.

See also Paleontology .

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