PAK George

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PACK ICE, Peck George (Pack George, 1898 — 1969) — the American oncologist.

PACK ICE, Peck George

Ended in 1920 un-t in Ohio, in 1922 medical school of Yale University. Since 1923 professor of department of pathology un-that the State of Alabama. Since 1926 the employee of the Memorial cancer center in New York where he organized and headed special group (The Pack Medical Group) which widely developed a wedge, researches in the field of oncology.

J. Pak published the St. 450 scientific works devoted generally to questions of radiation therapy and surgical treatment of oncological patients. It the first began to apply short-distance radiation therapy according to Shaul at cancer of a bladder and high-voltage radiation therapy. J. Pak improved methods of surgical treatment of tumors of various localizations (a carcinoma of the stomach, pancreatic and milk glands, sarcomas of bones and soft tissues). Developed methods combined (surgical, beam and chemotherapeutic) treatments of oncological patients.

J. Pak was honorary professor and the honorary member of many high fur boots and medical about-in, the vice-president of the International anticarcinogenic union, the member of editorial boards of 7 scientific magazines. It is awarded with awards and special prizes of many countries.

Works: Tumors of the soft somatic tissues, N. Y., 1958 (sovm, with Ariel I. M); Treatment of cancer and allied diseases, v. 1 — 2, L., 1958 — 1959 (editions); Neoplasms of the stomach, Philadelphia, 1967 (sovm, with Me Ne-er G.).

H. H. Trapeznikov.