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PAIGE Ervin (Page Irvine Heinly, sort. in 1901) — the American cardiologist. Kornellsky ended un-t; master of chemistry (1921), doctor of medicine (1926). Worked in Presbyterian hospital in New York (1926 — 1928), in chemical laboratory Ying-that the Kaiser Wilhelm in Munich (Germany, 1928 — 1931), in-tse Rock Feller in-that medical researches (1931 — 1937). In 1937 — 1944 headed laboratory a wedge, researches and clinic in city-tse Indianapolis. Since 1945 the director of the research department in the Clevelend clinical center, since 1966 the consultant in the same place.

The main scientific works of E. Page are devoted to problems of chemistry of a brain, a pathogeny, diagnosis and treatment of an arterial hypertension and atherosclerosis. He described a diencephalic juvenile hypertension (a so-called syndrome of Page), developed original models of experimental hypertensions: renal (the conclusion of a kidney in a cellophane sack; 1939 — 1940) and neurogenic (a combination of a periodic ishemization and irritation of a brain by means of implanted electrodes; 1952 — 1958). In 1947 — 1948 together with the Rapport (M. of Rapport), etc. from blood serum of a bull serotonin received. In 1956 sovm, with Bampe-som and Schwartz (F. The m of Bumpus, H. Schwartz) synthesized angiotensin. Developed the concept of the general factors of an origin of a hypertension and atherosclerosis (disease of regulation). The president of Association of cardiologists (American Heart Association) and Ob-va of experimental biology and medicine (since 1972) the USA, hl. the editor of the Modern Medicine magazine, the honorary member of many American and foreign medical about-in and scientific institutions.

Works: Chemistry of the brain, Springfield, 1937; Experimental renal hypertension, Springfield, 1948 (sovm, with Corcoran A. C.); Arterial hypertension, its diagnosis and treatment, Chicago, 1949 (sovm, with Corcoran A. C.); Hypertension, Springfield; 1956; Connective tissue, thrombosis and atherosclerosis, 1959; Renal hypertension, Chicago, 1968 (edition sovm. with McCubbin J. W.); Serotonin, Chicago, 1968; Angiotensin, B. — N. J., 1974 (an edition sovm, with Bumpus F. M).

V. I. Borodulin, A. V. Bruyenok.