PAGEL Julius

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PAGEL Julius (Pagel Julius Leopold, 1851 — 1912) — the German historian of medicine.

PAGEL Julius

In 1875 ended Berlin un-t where studied at E. Du Bois-Reymond, R. Virkhov and A. Girsh. Protected dokt, the thesis on stories of the Goettingen medical school of 18 century; since 1891 the associate professor, and since 1898 professor of history of medicine Berlin un-that. The author of the biographic dictionary of outstanding doctors of 19 century (1901), many books and articles which are generally devoted to history of medicine of the European Middle Ages. It published extensive archive materials on medicine of this period. The greatest fame was gained by its two-volume work about the fr. surgeon and the anatomist de Mondevile (N. of de Mondeville, apprx. 1260 — 1320) and the textbook of history of medicine processed and published after his death by Zudgoff (To. F. Sudhoff). Together with Neyburger (M. of Neu-biirger) finished and published the three-volume guide to history of medicine begun by T. Pushmann (Handbuch der Geschichte der Medizin, 1901 — 1905). Since 1885 the coauthor of the multivolume biographic dictionary of outstanding doctors of «Biographisches Lexikon der Hervorragenden Arzte al-ler Zeiten und Volker» published by A. Girsh and which sustained a number of editions. In 1902 IG. Pagel published in Russian «The medical magazine of Dr. Oks» (Kazan) specially written for this magazine «Sketch of Development of Medicine in the XIX Century».

Works: Geschichte der Medizin, V., 1898; Biographisches Lexikon hervorragender Arzte des neimzehnten Jahrhunderts, B. — Wien, 1901 (edition); The Sketch of development of medicine in the XIX century, the lane with it., Medical zhurn, doctor Oks, prince 11, page Z, book 12, page 17, 1902; Grundfiss eines Systems der medizinischen Kulturgeschicht^, B., 1905.

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