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PACKAGE DRESSING INDIVIDUAL (PDI) — the sterile bandage of a uniform sample concluded in a protective shell and used for first aid struck in fight for a stop of outside bleeding, protection of a wound (burn) from secondary infection and influence of adverse environmental factors.

Most and mutual assistance the staff of troops was provided with dressing means for rendering in 18 century. However standard samples of such means appeared considerably later. In Russia PPI was develop in 1885 according to N. A. Velyaminov's proposal. According to «The provision on military-medical institutions» in 1887 the package was accepted on equipment of staff of troops. It was widely applied in wars of 20 century, in particular in the Russian-Japanese war of 1904 — 1905 when in structure a dignity. losses the quantity wounded by firearms began to increase. In all subsequent wars use of PPI was the integral element of rendering to wounded first aid (see). In days of the Great Patriotic War by staff of Red Army it was spent apprx. 100 million PPI.

Fig. 1. Habit view of a first-aid dressing kit.
Fig. 2. First-aid dressing kit in expanded form: 1 — bandage, 2 — the vatnomarlevy small pillow fixed not movably, 3 — a mobile wadded and gauze small pillow (small pillows are developed).

In post-war years of PPI it was improved. The sample of PPI accepted on equipment consists of bandage of 10 cm of X 7 m, two wadded and gauze small pillows 17,5 X 32 cm, one of to-rykh is fixed at distance of 12 — 17 cm from the end of bandage, and another can move on bandage on the set distance. Bandage with vatnomarlevy small pillows is wrapped in parchment paper, pleated a cut the safe pin is enclosed, and it is packed into a hermetic outside cover from proof fabric (fig. 1, 2).

During the opening of PPI it is possible to touch by hands of small pillows only from the party noted by a color thread. The reverse side of small pillows intended for imposing on a wound surface shall remain sterile. In the presence of entrance and output openings of a wound during the imposing of a bandage of a small pillow move apart so that to close both openings. At blind, scalped wounds and burns of a small pillow impose at each other or nearby depending on the sizes of a wound surface. After imposing of a bandage the end of bandage is fixed by a pin.

PPI store in dry warehouse, in the plywood or cardboard boxes which are laid out from within by water-proof paper or in paper bags. Sterility of PPI in such conditions remains within 5 years.

V. P. Lapin.