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PACHYDERMIA (pachydermia; Greek pachys thick, dense + derma skin) — the hypertrophy of skin which is expressed in a sharp thickening and consolidation as a result of a hyperplasia of connecting fabric of the derma and epidermis which developed against the background of permanent expansion limf, vessels and a lymphostasis.

Reasons Items are various: injuries or operational removal limf, nodes, stagnation of a lymph it is as a result long the existing inflammatory process in skin (hron, a recurrent ugly face, a tuberculosis cutis, a leprosy, deep mycoses, etc.) or inborn insufficiency circulatory and limf, systems, napr, at to a trophedema (see), Klippel's syndrome — Trenone (see. Blood vessels ), a pachydermoperiostosis (Touraine's syndrome — Solanta — the Goal) — hereditary anomaly of the skin and bone system which is characterized by a skladchatost of head skin, a thickening of a periosteum of bones of a facial skeleton and extremities, increase in the sizes of brushes and feet.

The fibrous hyperplasia of connecting fabric of a derma, hypodermic cellulose, an aponeurosis and fastion is observed. Limf, and blood vessels of a derma gape, part of a zat-rombirovan of them. The secondary hyperkeratosis, an acanthosis is noted, it is frequent to degree of a pseudocarcinomatous hyperplasia.

Skin at P. does not gather pleated and does not give in to impression owing to loss of elasticity and cohesion with the subject fabrics. The surface of skin in an initial stage of development of P. smooth, quite often brilliant, pinkish and cyanochroic, becomes warty over time (with nodosity and papillary growths, yellowish-brown color). The item, leading to increase in volume of separate parts of a body and their ugly deformation, it is known under the name elephantiasis (see).

A special form P. is folded head skin (cutis verticis gyrata) — the congenital anomaly of an integument of a pilar part of the head which is characterized by formation of thick folds of skin with the deep furrows in a nape reminding convolutions of the brain.

Diagnosis establish on the basis a wedge, the picture confirmed in doubtful cases gistol, a research of skin.

In addition to therapy of a basic disease, appoint corticosteroid hormones, a lidaza in the form of phono - and an electrophoresis, the drugs improving a trophicity of the struck fabrics (komplamin, andekalin, etc.). Nek-ry researchers recommend laser therapy. Treatment is effective only at the beginning of development of the Item.

Forecast for life favorable, however long existence of the centers of P. can lead to full or partial disability.

Prevention consists in treatment of the diseases which were the reason of development of the Item.

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