OTT Dmitry Oskarovich

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OTT Dmitry Oskarovich (1855 — 1929) — the domestic obstetrician-gynecologist.

OTT Dmitry Oskarovich

Graduated from Medicochirurgical academy in 1879 (nowadays VMA of S. M. Kirov). Doctor of medicine (1884), professor (1889). Since 1885 worked in Clinical in-those for usovershenstvo about in and-niya doctors in St. Petersburg. Since 1893 Povivalny's director in-that (nowadays Ying t of obstetrics and gynecology of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences); under its management in 1904 the new building in-that is built is the best among obstetric and gynecologic institutions of Europe of that time. At the same time (since 1899) in-that was director Zhenskogo medical; achieved the equal rights for female doctors.

D. O. Ott the author of 145 scientific works, including 5 monographs devoted generally to questions of operational gynecology. Propagandized a vulval way of chrevosecheniye at gynecologic operations, improved to his technician; offered special operating tables, lighting mirrors, a nogoderzhatel, etc. Developed the principles of treatment of fibromyomas, cancer and the wrong provisions of a uterus, and also physiotherapeutic methods of treatment ginekol, diseases. At cancer therapy of a uterus applied radium and mesothorium. Proved the concept of frequency fiziol, functions of a female body. Offered an original way of definition of passability of uterine tubes. Improved the equipment of obstetric grants, specified indications to Cesarean section, proved efficiency of intravenous administrations of liquids at blood losses.

D. O. Ott created domestic obstetric and gynecologic school. St. 20 of his pupils became the famous obstetricians-gineko logs (JI. I. Bublicheiko, R. V. Kiparsky, V. V. Stroganov, etc.).

D. O. Ott played an exclusive role the organizations All-Russian obstetric and gynecologic about-va, «The magazine of obstetrics and female diseases», holding the All-Russian congresses of obstetricians-gynecologists and the V International obstetric and gynecologic congress in Russia (1910).

Works: To the doctrine about physiological manifestations of sex life at female peasants of the Kaluga province, Health, No. FROM, 117—119, 1879; About influence on a bloodless organism of injection of solution of sodium chloride and comparison of its action with other liquids used for a transfusion, a yew., SPb., 1884; Elected departments of practical gynecology, SPb., 1890; Materials to the doctrine about an extrauterine pregnancy, SPb., 1893; Operational gynecology, SPb., 1914; Fibromyomas of a uterus, the Guide to female diseases, under the editorship of JI. A. Kriv-sky, page 768, M., 1927.

Bibliography: Bublichenko JI. And. and Mandelstam A. E., D. O. Ott (sketch of life and activity), JI., 1960; Danilishina E. I., D. O. Ott (To the 125 anniversary since birth), Akush, and ginek., Jsfo 5, page 59, 1980; Serdyukov M. G. D. O. Ott's school and its achievements, Zhurn. akush. and wives. Bol., t. 41, book 4, page 407, 1930; At l of e z to au-Stroganov K. P. Rol of Dmitry Oskarovich Ott in development of medical education of the woman in Russia, Saturday. nauch. works Center, in-that akush. and ginek., t. 8-, page 15, JI., 1941.

Yu. I. Novikov.