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OTHEMATOMA (othaematoma; grech, us, ot[os] an ear + a hematoma) — limited accumulation of a lymph and blood in the thickness of an auricle.

The lake arises, as a rule, at an injury of an auricle. Isolated cases of spontaneous emergence of O. owing to dystrophic changes of a cartilage, napr, under the influence of cold are described. The lake almost always develops in the upper forefront (outside) surface of an auricle (fig., a). Externally represents a swelling of spherical shape of reddish-blue color, at a palpation it is painless, flyuktuirut.

Outward of an auricle with an othematoma (a) and the arc-shaped lines of cuts (upper or lower) for opening of an othematoma across Passov — to Claus.

As a result of damage lymphatic and blood vessels of an auricle liquid (blood and a lymph) accumulates between a nadkhryashchnitsa and skin or between a nadkhryashchnitsa and a cartilage; usually the lymph happens more and therefore color of liquid light yellow. The lake can remain long and repeatedly recur. Further owing to infection the perichondritis and a necrosis of a cartilage can develop that causes in the subsequent deformation of an auricle.

Small O. is liquidated imposing on it a compressing bandage: outside skin is greased with tincture of iodine, apply the cold and light massage promoting absorption of liquid.

At an extensive othematoma liquid is deleted by aspiration with the syringe with the subsequent introduction to a cavity of a hematoma of several drops of tincture of iodine for acceleration of process of scarring. Then for several days apply a compressing bandage. For broad opening of extensive O. do the arc-shaped cuts, napr, above or below at the edges of an othematoma (fig., b). O.'s contents are deleted; if granulations were formed, scrape out them, press skin a tampon without stitching or sew up a wound, leaving open the site for a drainage. Sometimes the section is made through a back (internal) surface of an auricle: delete a cartilage to areas O., and then and its contents, sew up a wound. Skin of an auricle in the field of a window in a cartilage on both sides is pressed tampons. Apply antibiotics and sulfanamide drugs to prevention of consecutive infection.

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