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OSTEOPHYTES (Greek osteon a bone + phyton escape, a sprout) — the limited pathological bone outgrowths caused by productive ossifying reaction.

Various inflammatory processes (trophic disturbances) and repeated mechanical irritations of a periosteum are the most frequent reasons of O.

In an initial phase of education of O. consist of indifferent ossiform tissue, edges is exposed to calcification, restructuring and gradually turns into a mature bone tissue with dominance of compact substance.

O. more often in femoral, tibial, humeral, calcaneal bones are localized. Often periosteal O. develop in areas of amputating stumps of an extremity (see) owing to the wrong processing of a periosteum or suppuration of an amputating wound. Lakes can be single and multiple, usually small sizes, a various form (in the form of hillocks, thorns, teeth, horns, spurs, mushrooms, etc.). Externally they are similar with exostoses (see), to-rye have the dysplastic nature.

A wedge, O.'s manifestations often are absent, and they are found accidentally at a X-ray analysis. Sometimes (e.g., at deep implementation of O. in surrounding muscles or with a pressure upon nerves) are observed hron, pains or restriction of mobility. At the big sizes O. they manage to be probed, the palpation is painless.

O.'s current chronic; having reached the known size, they usually stop the growth and are left without changes. Under the influence of an injury or an infection the accelerated O. Izredk's growth is possible there is involution

of O. V nek-ry cases of O. it is necessary to differentiate with a benign tumor of a bone — osteoma (see).

In most cases O. do not demand special treatment since they proceed asymptomatically. In the presence of the persistent and accruing pains or at disturbance of movements operational treatment — removal of the Lake is shown.

The forecast at O. favorable.

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B. M. Khromov.