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ORDERS OF PUBLIC CONTEMPT — the provincial administrative bodies created in Russia in 1775 for the management of schools, charitable and medical institutions, orphan houses, hospitals, drugstores, almshouses, work and smiritelny houses. Were headed by governors and six (after 1861) assessors representatives of each estate, later to them the mayor of the administrative center of the province and the leader of the nobility increased.

With P.'s introduction by the lake of the item the foundation was laid for creation of special medical facilities. Care of rendering medical aid to the population, construction and the maintenance of BC was assigned to them. For these needs to each P. the lake of the item released the capital in 15 thousand rubles; for increase in means it was allowed to perform commercial operations and to accept donations.

Items of the lake of the item submitted to medical board (see), and after its elimination in 1803. To the Ministry of Internal Affairs. With introduction in 1864 of territorial institutions in 34 provinces of the case P. of the lake of the item passed to a zemstvo.

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