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OKSAFENAMID (Oxaphenamidum; synonym: Auxobil, Driol, Osalmidnm etc.; GFH) — cholagogue means. n-Oksifenilsalitsilamid; With 13 H 11 NO 3  :

White or white with lilac-tinged se - an eye a shade inodorous powder, is almost water-insoluble, we will easily dissolve in 95% alcohol and solutions of alkalis; t pl 175 — 178 °.

Strengthens education and biliation (see. Zhelchevydeleniye , Bile production ), at the same time the content in bile of organic matters increases, however concentration and total quantity of dressing gowns decrease, and excretion of cholesterol and bilirubin increases. The lake has also spasmolytic effect on biliary tract, lowers the content of cholesterol in blood (hl. obr. at a hypercholesterolemia). Duration of cholagogue effect of drug 4 — hour

of the Lake. apply at chronic cholecystitis, hepatitis, a cholangitis, cholelithiasis, cirrhosis.

Under the influence of O. at patients the general state improves, pains, nausea, bitterness in a mouth, a meteorism, yellowness of scleras of ii of an integument disappear or decrease, the sizes of a liver decrease, are normalized it funkts, tests and chemical composition of bile. At acute cholecystitis and O.'s cholangitis it is reasonable to appoint together with antibacterial drugs. At strong spasms and pains accompanying them, especially at cholelithiasis, along with O. it is necessary to apply atropine (see), papaverine (see) and other antispasmodics. Oksafenamid it is also possible to use for strengthening of bile secretion before duodenal sounding.

Appoint inside in tablets on 0,25 — 0,5 g 3 times a day before food within 15 — 20 days; if necessary conduct repeated courses after a short-term break.

The island is usually well had and does not cause side effects. In some cases at prolonged use aperient action is observed. The lake should be taken with caution at acute diseases of a liver and bilious ways.

It is contraindicated at the acute inflammatory and sharply expressed dystrophic processes in a liver which are followed by a cholemic syndrome.

Form of release: tablets on 0,25 g and 0,5 g. Keep in well corked container in the place protected from light.

See also Cholagogue means .

Bibliography: Saratikov A. S. both N. P. Zhelcheobrazovaniye's Racer and cholagogue means, page 159, Tomsk, 1977

A.S. Saratikov.