OGNEV Ivan Florovich

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OGNEV Ivan Florovich (1855 — 1928) — the Soviet histologist, professor (1891).

OGNEV Ivan Florovich

In 1879 ended medical f-t Moscow un-that and it was left at department of the histology directed by A. I. Babukhin.

In 1884 protected dokt, the thesis about gistol, development of a retina. After death A. I. Ba-bukhina (1891) headed department of histology (for 1924) with a break from 1914 to February, 1917 in connection with discharge from a position on «unreliability».

I. F. Ognev published the St. 40 scientific works which are generally devoted to questions of a structure and development of an eye, influence of darkness, starvation, ultraviolet rays on a retina and a cornea, a gistofiziologiya of muscular and nervous fabrics, sense bodys, digestive, closed, sexual, mammary glands and also to studying of electric bodies at fishes. Written to them «A course of normal histology» (the p. I — 1903; the p. II — 1913) and «A course of histology» (1925) — the largest domestic guides to histology. It was the honorary member Moscow about-va testers of the nature (since 1923) and zoological department of the natural sciences, Moscow about-va fans, anthropology and ethnography (since 1913). Among his pupils there is V. P. Karpov, I. O. Mikhaylovsky, G. M. Pechyorsky, V. E. Fomin, etc.

Works: Histologic development of a retina, yew., M., 1884; Vitalism in modern natural sciences, M., 1900; The Abstract on lectures about a structure of the central nervous system, M., 1903; The Course of normal histology, p.1 — 2, M., 1903 — 1913; Digestive organs of the person, Sketch of their device and departures, M., 1924; Sense bodys of the person, M., 1924; Course of histology, M., 1925; Microscope and first works with it, M., 1925.

Bibliography: Ognev S. I. Honored professor I. F. Ognev, M., 1944; Development of medical science in the first Moscow the Orders of Lenin and awards of the Labour Red Banner medical institute of I. M. Sechenov, under the editorship of V. I. Banshchikov, page 109, M., 1968; 175 years of the First Moscow state medical institute, page 83, M. — L., 1940.

E. F. Kotovsky.