OGNEV Boris Vladimirovich

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OGNEV Boris Vladimirovich (1901 — 1978) — Soviet topografoanaty and the surgeon, the member correspondent of AMH (1946). The member of the CPSU since 1943.

OGNEV Boris Vladimirovich

In 1924 ended medical f-t Kazan un-that. Since 1931 until the end of life worked at department of operational surgery and topographical anatomy of TsIU (since 1939 professor and the department chair), at the same time worked as the surgeon in Ying-those ambulance of N. V. Sklifosovsky (1931 — 1936),-tse of S. P. Botkin (1937 — 1941), managed surgical department Ying-that balneology and was a consultant of hospitals of Moscow (1941 — 1945), and also the consultant-tsy of civil Aeroflot. In 1935 protected dokt, the thesis about outflow tracts of a lymph from a small egg, an ovary and a worm-shaped shoot.

B. V. Ognev published more than 200 scientific works, including the textbook and 3 monographs devoted to hl. obr. functionally - to morphological studying of circulatory and lymphatic systems it is normal also of pathology. Its researches on blood supply of various bodies and systems are especially valuable. It described anastamosing of branches of a portal vein with veins of a backbone, a spinal cord and its covers; problems of asymmetry at the person and animals, regenerations of a spinal cord, operation of the laser on bodies and body tissues were studied; operation of removal of the third left sympathetic ganglion at an endarteritis and a Raynaud's disease (1958) is offered; indications to brain hernias and false aneurisms operation of an autoplasty of defects of a skull are developed.

B. V. Ognev was board member Vsesoyuznogo about-va surgeons, the honorary member Vsesoyuznogo and All-Russian about-in anatomists, histologists and embryologists, chlenokhm International about-va surgeons, the editor «Surgery» of the 2nd prod. redotdet. BME.

It is awarded by the Order of Lenin, two awards of the Labour Red Banner and medals.

Works: To a question of false brain traumatic hernias, It is new. hir. arkh., t. 33, No. 3, page 397, 1935; Outflow tracts of a lymph from a small egg, an ovary and a worm-shaped shoot at the person, Saturday., it is devoted. to the 35 anniversary doctor. - nauch. deyateln. the prof. A. I. Abrikosov, page 17, M. — L., 1936; Blood supply of the central and peripheral nervous system of the person, M., 1950 (bus of a number of hl. and edition); Blood supply of a cerebral cortex is normal also of pathology, M., 1952 (sovm, with other); Blood vessels of heart are normal also of pathology, M., 1954 (sovm, with other); Clinical value of the third left chest sympathetic ganglion, Surgery, No. 5, page 60, 1957; Topographical and a kli-nicheskaya'anatomiya, M., 1960 (sovm, with Frau-chi V. of X.); Progress of medicine in connection with development of related subjects, Surgery, No. 12, page 3, 1961.

Bibliography: Boris Vladimirovich Ognev (To the 75 anniversary since birth), Surgery, No. 2, page 5, 1976; To r at p and the p e in I. F. Boris Vladimirovich Ognev, in book: Lymphatic system to Eksperim, and a wedge., under the editorship of Yu. E. Vyrenkov, page 4, M., 1971.

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