OGILVI Alexander Nikolaevich

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OGILVI Alexander Nikolaevich (1877 — 1942) — the Soviet specialist in the field of hydrogeology of mineral waters, professor (1922), the honored worker of science of RSFSR (1927).

OGILVI Alexander Nikolaevich

In 1904 ended Mountain in-t in St. Petersburg. Since 1905 worked as the hydrogeologist at Caucasus Mineralnye Vody region, in-that was one of organizers Pyatigorsk balneal and since 1920 his director. Since 1922 the prof. of department of hydrogeology of Mountain academy in Moscow, and then Moscow prospecting in-that. As a result of the geological and hydrogeological researches conducted under its management new mineral waters with valuable therapeutic properties were brought to a surface: in Kislovodsk — dolomite and sulphatic narzan; in Pyatigorsk — besserovodorodny carbonic Red Army waters like narzan, radioactive and other mineral waters. The hydrobiological works begun under its management in Sochi — Matsesta, Tsqaltubo, Borjomi, Arzni promoted development of these resorts.

And. N. Ogilvi possess valuable works on hydrological, thermometric and radiological methods of investigation of mineral waters in the methodical relation.

Since 1919 he is a chairman and the honorary member of Russian balneal about-va in Pyatigorsk, since 1929 — the member International about-va a medical hydrology (London).

Works: Narzan's piping and his history, SPb., 1911; To a question of a technique of studying of mineral sources, Works Balneol. in-that to Kavkazsk. Min. Waters, t. 2, page 250, Pyatigorsk, 1925; About hydrogeological conditions of an origin of the Matsesta mineral sources and about their piping, in book: The resort Matsesta, under the editorship of I. Valedinsky and N. Hrisanfov, page 56, M., 1928; To a question of assessment of radioactivity of sources from the point of view of their balneological use, in book: 1st Vsesoyuz, gidrogeol. congress, Saturday. 5, page 144, JI., etc., 1934.

Bibliography: Professor A. N. Ogilvi (To the 25 anniversary of scientific and public work), the Works State. balneol. in-that to Kavkazsk. Min. Waters, t. 7, page 1, Pyatigorsk, 1929.

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