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ODONTALGIA (grech, odus, odontos tooth + algos pain) — pain in teeth.

Tooth pain can result patol, process as in tissues of tooth (caries, wedge-shaped defect, a pulpitis, etc.), and in peridental fabrics (periodontitis, periodontosis, tumors, etc.). Pain can be also «not tooth» origin: at acute antritis (in small and big molars of an upper jaw), at diseases of branches of a trifacial, gasserov of a node, kernels of a trifacial. Sometimes the dentagra happens reflex character; e.g., at stenocardia of pain can give to teeth. The nature of pain in teeth plays an important role in differential diagnosis of such diseases as caries of tooth (see), pulpitis (see), periodontitis (see), etc.

Treatment it is directed to elimination of a basic disease. Almost in all cases, irrespective of the reason, the short-term effect can be gained from intake of anesthetics and calmatives.

M. I. Groshikov.