ODINTSOV Victor Petrovich

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ODINTSOV Victor Petrovich (1876 — 1938) — the Soviet ophthalmologist, dokt, medicine (1917), professor (1918).

ODINTSOV Victor Petrovich

In 1895 it was accepted on natural by f-t Moscow un-that; for active participation in the student's movement in 1897 it is excluded from un-that and banished for three years to the Ufa province. In 1900 left to Germany and arrived on medical f-t Munich un-that, to-ry ended in 1904. Upon return to 1904 to Russia worked as the territorial doctor in the Ufa province. Having passed in 1907 the state examinations at Moscow un-those,

V. P. Odintsov works as the intern in eye clinic un-that, and then in Moscow main-tse. Here he for the first time in domestic ophthalmology begins to develop bases of a patomorfologiya of an eye. In 1917 protected dokt, the thesis about the newest theories of a sympathetic inflammation глаза^ Since 1918 and until the end of life — professor and the director of eye clinic Moscow un-that (nowadays eye clinic of Odintsovo of the 1st MMI).

V. P. Odintsov published apprx. 20 scientific works, including the fundamental guide to eye surgery. All its activity was connected with development morfol, the directions in domestic ophthalmology. A number of its works is devoted to operational treatment of amotio of a retina, glaucoma, operations on a vitreous, etc. The «Course of eye diseases» under V.P.'s edition Odintsovo (1936) which sustained fivefold reprinting was one of the main grants for students and doctors.

V. P. Odintsov from 1919 to 1931 was a chairman Moscow about-va oculists; on its initiative since 1919 the edition of «Russian of the ophthalmologic magazine» is organized. He was an editor of a redotdel «Ophthalmology» in 1 prod. BME. V. P. Odintsov is the founder of the Moscow school of ophthalmologists; among his pupils there is V. N. Arkhangelsky, A. Ya. Samoylov, etc.

Works: Implementation of an epithelium and formation of epithelial cysts in an eye and in a sclera, Vestn, oftalm., t. 27, No. 12, page 996, 1910; To pathological anatomy of a simpati-ruyushchy inflammation, in the same place, t. 29, No. 2, page 137, 1912; To a question of the newest theories of a sympathetic inflammation of eyes, a yew., M., 1917; To pathological anatomy of tumors of an optic nerve, Russian oftalm, zhurn., t. 8, No. 1, page 15, 1928; Management eye хирурги#, t. 1 — 2, M. — L., 1933 — 1934 (bus of a number of hl. and an edition sovm, with Orlov K. X.); Course of eye diseases, 1st prod., M. — JI., 1936, 5 prod., M., 1946; Metastatic ophthalmia, Vestn, oftalm., t. 14, No. 5, page 3, 1939; Conservative and surgical treatment of glaucoma, in book: Glaucoma, under the editorship of A. Ya. Samoylov, page 8, M., 1952.

Bibliography: V. P. Odintsov, in book: 175 years 1st Mosk. medical in-that, under the editorship of I. D. Strashun, page 231, M. — JI., 1940; With to and h and l about in V. A. and To at d about I-r about in R. G. The outstanding Soviet ophthalmologist V. P. Odintsov (To the 100 anniversary since birth), Owls. zdravookhr., «Nb 11, page 65, 1976; The P e of N of c about in A. G. Prof. V. P. Odintsov, Vestn, oftalm., t. 14, No. 1, page 148, 1939.

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