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ODESSA MEDICAL INSTITUTE of N. I. Pirogov The Ministries of Health of USSR — one of the large centers for preparation of medical shots. It is founded in 1900 in Odessa as medical f-t Novorossiysk (nowadays Odessa) un-that. The idea of creation of the higher medical school in the south of Russia belongs to N. I. Pirogov.

The outstanding domestic pathologist, the microbiologist and the endocrinologist V. V. Podvysotsky who headed department of the general pathology was the organizer medical f-that and his first dean. The anatomist N. A. Batuyev, the physiologist B. F. Verigo, topografoana-volume N were the first heads of departments. To. Jiysenkov, hygienist G. V. Hlopin, therapist F. G. Yanovsky, oculist S. S. Golovin. On medical f-those outstanding scientists — A. A. Bogomolets, M. A. Jasinowski, etc. graduated. L. V. Gromashev-sky, H were the pupils of institute who were directly involved in revolutionary movement and in construction of the Soviet health care. N. Narimanov, L. X. Priests. In 1904 at Novorossiysk un-those it was organized medical about-in, honorary members to-rogo elected I. I. Mechnikov, I. P. Pavlov, F. F. Erisman, Ch. I. Hentsinsky, the fr. scientist E. Ra. Society kept in close connection with Odessa about-vom the Russian doctors — one of the oldest medical about-in Russia, based in 1849. In 1910 at the initiative of progressively adjusted professors of the medical fact in Odessa the high female medical courses were open, and in 1915 training of dentists of the highest category and assignment of academic degrees io odontology began. For years of existence of the medical fact 1950 doctors from whom 20 afterwards became professors were trained and 3 are elected academicians.

In 1920 the medical fact was allocated from un-that and transformed to Medical academy in the beginning, and then to medical in-t. D. K. Zabolotny who organized in Odessa in 1920 the first-ever department of epidemiology became the rector of Medical academy.

Main educational case of institute

In medical in-those L. A. Tarasevich, V. P. Filatov, N. D. Strazhesko, Ya. Yu. Bardakh, century of century of crows in, worked with m of N of I. F. Gamaley. Etc. departments of microbiology, inf Were opened for Solovyov. diseases, orthopedic surgery, psychiatry, social hygiene, etc.

In 1931 in in-those were created pediatric and sanitary and hygienic f-you; the last in 1963 was abolished and organized dental f-t. In 1977 it is created by f-t of improvement of doctors. In 1980 in in-those there were 56 departments and large research laboratory. The faculty contained 624 people, including 59 professors and doctors of medical sciences, 3 honored workers of science and the honored worker of the higher school and 342 associate professor and the candidate of medical sciences. In in-those studies apprx. 5000 students. Annual reception is made by the 750th persons.

From 1900 for 1980 17 385 doctors with specialty «medical business», 5030 pediatricians, 2250 stomatologists and 2461 health officers are let out.

A wedge, bases in-that are placed in 30 to lay down. - professional, city institutions, including in the first city-tse on 620 beds, in the second city wedge,-tse on 580 beds, in the fifth a wedge,-tse on 260 beds, the regional nursery-tse, clinics. The general bed fund a wedge, bases in-that in 1979 made more than 7000 beds.

For years of existence of O. of m and. in it there were research collectives, works to-rykh were a contribution to domestic medicine and to world science, in particular works of V. P. Filatov and his pupils on conservation of fabrics and a keratoplasty of an eye, fabric therapy and skin plastics, the theory of an origin of glaucoma and its treatment, concerning a refraction of an eye, solid vision, etc. Researches are valuable. And. Markelova on studying of century of N of the page and N. S. Kondratyev who developed an original method of coloring of fabrics of century of N of page, N. N. Zayko devoted to problems of permeability biol, barriers, L. B. Bukhshtab — on studying of cardiovascular diseases, M. A. Jasinowski — on studying of rheumatism and viral hepatitis, etc.

O.'s scientists of m and. a large number of monographs, scientific collections, textbooks is published, a number of copyright certificates on inventions is received. So, are implemented in practice the device for vacuum and electrovacuum therapy developed by V. I. Kulazhenko with sotr., the devices for treatment of patients with injuries of pelvic bones and diseases of a backbone offered by I. G. Herzen with sotr. G. I. Semenchenko with sotr. new methods of operational elimination of inborn not fusion of an upper lip and the sky are developed.

Nek-ry scientists in-that are awarded diplomas of foreign medical in-t and associations. So, the diploma of the honourable doctor of medicine Szeged medical in-that M. L. Dmitriyev, the diploma of the honourable doctor about-va stomatologists — V. I. Kulazhenko is awarded.

The major scientific problem, over a cut scientists in-that work, studying fiziol, and patol, reactions at adaptation of the person to conditions of the ocean is. On the basis of a research of processes of adaptation at seamen in various conditions of swimming recommendations about improvement of a fortune of their health are made. Results of works about adaptation of seamen to conditions of long swimming are covered in scientific works in-that, at all-Union and international conferences.

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S. I. Korkhov, M. P. Shinkarev.