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OCTATHIONUM (Octathionum) — antifungal means. Oktadetsilammoniyevy salt O, O-diethyldithiophosphoric to - you; With 22 H 50 NO 2 PS 2  :

Crystal powder, white or white with grayish shade, with a characteristic smell; let's easily dissolve in chloroform and benzene, it is a little alcohol-soluble also ether, is almost insoluble in a cold water; t ° pl 58-62 °.

Has fungistatic and fungicidal effect on pathogenic fungi. Besides, drug has bacteriostatic action on nek-ry causative agents of acute bacterial infections and has keratolytic properties, thanking the Crimea gets into deep layers of skin and renders bystry to lay down. effect.

Apply for treatment of various dermatomycoses (a squamous and infiltrative and disgidrotichesky epidermophitia with allergic rashes, tineas, etc.), the microbic eczemas complicated by superficial candidiases or zymonematoses.

Appoint locally in the form of 3% of emulsion ointment and 3% of powder. The scheme of treatment depends on a form of a disease and weight patol, process. At treatment of an intertriginozny form of an epidermophitia of feet affected areas grease for the night with ointment, powder powder in the morning. Course of treatment of 20 — 25 days. Pathogenic fungi usually disappear in 12 — 14 days from an initiation of treatment, a wedge, recovery occurs in 18 — 20 days. At disgidrotichesky forms of a tinea or an epidermophitia during 2 weeks 2 — 3 times a day carry out rubbing in of octathionic ointment.

In the next days under a bandage densely apply octathionic powder. At kandidodermatita the centers of defeat grease with ointment 2 — 3 times a day within 20 — 25 days. However at kandidodermatita with sharply expressed inflammatory phenomena octathionic ointment can strengthen extent of infiltration and hypostasis. Therefore it is necessary to appoint this ointment when there are no sharply expressed signs of an inflammation. Duration of treatment is defined by the term of disappearance of pathogenic fungi. A recurrence is observed only in isolated cases. By-effects at O.'s use are noted.

Forms of release: 3% ointment in tubas on 30 and 50 g, 3% powder (on talc) on 30 and 50 g in densely closed banks of orange glass. Keep in the dry, protected from light place.

See also Antifungal means .

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