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OCHOA Severo (Ochoa Severo, sort. in 1905) — the American biochemist, the Nobel Prize laureate (1959), the member of the New York and National academies of Sciences of the USA (1957), Academies of arts and sciences of the USA, the London royal society, the foreign member of Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1966), Poland, Italy, Germany and other countries.

Severo's OChOA

Ochoa ended in 1929 medical f-t un-that in Madrid and received degree of the doctor of medicine, taught biochemistry and physiology (1931 — 1935) in the same place, then worked in Ying-those the Kaiser Wilhelm in Heidelberg (1936 — 1937), for medical f-those un-that in Oxford (Great Britain, 1938 — 1941), in high fur boots of the USA — in Washington (1941), etc. Since 1946 professor and the head of department of biochemistry un-that in New York, since 1954 professor of biochemistry in Ying-those molecular biology in Natli, the State of New Jersey. Many works of S. Ochoa are devoted to studying of mechanisms of reactions of a cycle Tricarboxylic to - t and glycolysis, enzymes of oxidation fat to - t, and also mechanisms of assimilation of carbon dioxide. In 1955 described the enzymatic system received from microorganisms and containing the enzyme poly-nukleotidfosforilazu catalyzing synthetic reaction and disintegration of RNA. Use of this enzyme for synthesis of RNA and broadcast of RNA in acellular system promoted successful carrying out a number of researches on interpretation of a genetic code. For opening of the mechanism of biosynthesis of nucleic acids of S. Ochoa together with A. Korn-bergom it is conferred the Nobel Prize.

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Bibliography: Candela R. B. Se vero Ochoa, Med. esp., v. 77, p. 121, 1978.

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