OCHAPOVSKY Stanislav Vladimirovich

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OCHAPOVSKY Stanislav Vladimirovich (1878 — 1945) — the Soviet ophthalmologist, professor (1923), the honored worker of science of RSFSR (1940). The member of the CPSU since 1941.

OCHAPOVSKY Stanislav Vladimirovich

In 1901 ended VMA, the pupil prof. L. G. Bellyarminova. In 1904 protected dokt, the thesis about phlegmon of an orbit.

From 1905 to 1909 the manager. eye departments of military hospitals in Tiflis, Batum and Pyatigorsk, and since 1909 — ekaterinodarsky army-tsy. In 1920 created department of eye diseases at Kuban medical in-those, the cut managed until the end of life. From 1921 to 1945 organized 22 eye groups on elimination of trachoma among mountaineers.

S. V. Ochapovsky published the St. 110 scientific works (including sections in a number of the guides to ophthalmology) devoted to eye diseases of the people of the North Caucasus, epidemiology of trachoma, damage of eyes at a leprosy, pathology of a cornea, genesis of a refraction of a human eye, short-sightedness, pathology of an optic nerve, a blepharoplasty by a free piece of leather; the author of a number of articles in the 1st BME edition.

S. V. Ochapovsky was a member of editorial boards of magazines «Archive of Ophthalmology», «Bulletin of Ophthalmology», «Soviet Bulletin of Ophthalmology»; delegate of the VIII Extraordinary congress of Councils (1935), deputy of the Supreme Council of the USSR (1941 — 1945) and member of bureau of the Union medsantrud (1936 — 1940). By the name of S. V. Ochapovsky it is called regional a wedge,-tsa in Krasnodar. It is awarded the order the Labour Red Banner and medals.

Works: Phlegmon of an orbit, yew., SPb., 1904; About study of local lore in medicine in general, in particular in ophthalmology, Works 1st All - grew. congress of oculists, page 128, M., 1927; Diseases of eyes in connection with diseases of the central and peripheral nervous systems, in book: Bellyarminov JI. And Mertz A. I. Eye diseases, page 919, JI., 1930; Operations against an ectropion a century and a blepharoplasty, in book: Odintsov V. P. and Eagles To. X. Management of eye surgery, t. 1, page 399, M. — L., 1933.

Bibliography: Anfimov V. Ya. Stanislav Vladimirovich Ochapovsky, Works Kuban medical in-that, century 13, page 7, Krasnodar, 1941; Stanislav Vladimirovich Ochapovsky (To the 100 anniversary since birth), Vestn, oftalm., Jsfb 5, page 87, 1978; T e of m-r of e z about in And. Honourable citizen of the Caucasus, Page of life of the prof. S. V. Ocha-povsky, Krasnodar, 1978.

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