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OBSERVATION POINT (Latin observatio observation; synonym observator) — the anti-epidemic establishment intended for temporary medical overseeing by the healthy faces which had contact with sick quarantine diseases or leaving a quarantine zone.

Lakes of the item develop in the centers quarantine diseases (see) in settlements, on the ways of overland, water and air communications according to the decision of the All-Union extraordinary anti-epidemic commission for passing observations (see).

Observiruyemye isolates in O. items for the period of the quarantine (see. Karantin, karantinization ), predusmotrenny for a quarantine disease, behind them daily medical observation is conducted, necessary laboratory researches and specific prevention are conducted. The military contingents in wartime on epid, to indications can also pass an observation in O. of the item (see. Observation ).

Lakes of the item razkhmeshchat in the office buildings adapted for this purpose, schools, hotels, summer and sports centers, on passenger ships, etc.; are provided in them: a reception, rooms for accommodation of observiruyemy persons, the servicing medical staff, and also the room for a lab. researches, storage of personal belongings, etc. Observiruyemy faces are placed whenever possible small groups. The measures excluding communication between groups are taken. The medical and service personnel of O. of the item are in barracks. The lake of the item is round the clock protected.

After the termination of an observation in O. the item makes final disinfection then re-using of the room under O. of the item or use for the intended purpose is possible.

See also Sanitary patrolling .

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