OBRAZTSOV Vasily Parmenovich

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OBRAZTSOV Vasily Parmenovich (1849 — 1920) — the domestic clinical physician, one of founders of the Kiev school of the Soviet therapists.

OBRAZTSOV Vasily Parmenovich

Having ended in 1875. Medicochirurgical academy, (1877 — 1878) soldier worked as the territorial doctor in the Vologda province, then. the doctor during the Russian-Turkish war. In 1880 protected dokt, the thesis on «To Morphology of Formation of Blood in Marrow at Mammals», worked in military hospital in Kiev. Since 1888 the manager. therapeutic department Kiev city-tsy; since 1891 the privatdozent, since 1893 the prof. of department of private pathology and therapy, and in 1904 — 1918 the department chair of faculty therapeutic clinic Kiev un-that.

V. P. Obraztsov published the St. 50 scientific works which are generally devoted to improvement of methods a wedge, researches, to studying of diseases of cardiovascular system and bodies went. - kish. path. He developed a method of a palpation of a stomach and guts (1887), and then and other abdominal organs; proved that not only at patol, changes, but also at the healthy person it is possible to probe a stomach, a final piece of a small bowel, the most part of large intestines, a liver. The methodical deep sliding palpation of abdominal organs, according to Obraztsov (see. Stomach ), gained the general recognition; this technique was added and improved by his pupils. V. P. Obraztsov offered the special method of direct listening of heart (1900) allowing to distinguish cordial gallop and the third cardiac sound (see. Heart ); developed the original method of a plessesthesia one finger of bodies of a chest and abdominal cavity (1910) which is widely applied in clinic (see. Percussion ). It allocated enterita as independent a wedge. a form (1895), described clinic of various forms of appendicitis, improved diagnosis of some other went. - kish. diseases (enteroptosia, gastrectasia, tuberculosis of a caecum, Treytts's hernia, etc.). Paid special attention to definition funkts, abilities of heart directly at a bed of the patient; developed the doctrine about the mechanism of bifurcation of cardiac sounds and a cantering rhythm, described clinic of neurosises of heart. The international recognition was gained by the classical description of V.P. Obraztsov (together with with N. D. Strazhesko) a wedge, pictures of thrombosis of coronary arteries (1909) which proved a possibility of intravital recognition of a myocardial infarction; with introduction to clinic electro-and a phonocardiography V.P. Obraztsov's views received full confirmation.

Being an outstanding clinical physician, V. P. Obraztsov created the therapeutic school widely known in Russia and beyond its limits; his many pupils, among to-rykh N. D. Strazhesko, M. M. Gubergrits, G. R. Rubenstein, B. I. Trusevich, etc., became heads of departments.

Works: To morphology of formation of blood in marrow at mammals, a yew., SPb., 1880; To a physical research of the gastrointestinal channel and heart, Kiev, 1915; Stomach diseases, guts and peritoneum, Kiev, 1924; Chosen works, Kiev, 1950.

Bibliography: Gubergrits A. Ya., V.P. Obraztsov, M., 1972; The Collection of articles devoted to V. P. Obraztsov on the occasion of the 25 anniversary of its medical and scientific and pedagogical activity, Kiev, 1910; Strazhesko N. D., Gubergrits M. M. and Udintsov F. A. Professor V. P. Samples, Kiev, 1947.

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