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OBMYVOCHNO-DEZINFEKTSIONNAYA OF THE TECHNICIAN (synonym disinfection and shower installations) — the mobile caravans intended for carrying out cleansing of staff of troops and the civilian population, and also disinfection (disinsection) of regimentals, clothes, footwear and bedding in field conditions and the epidemic centers.

Fig. 1. Scheme of bathing and disinfection group of the bathing prachechno-the disinfection train (BPDT) and bathing and disinfection train (BDI): 1 — razdevalnya; 2 — shower; 3 — a dezkamer; 4 — odevalnya; shooters specified the direction of the movement of people.
Fig. 2. Diagrammatic representation of the bathing and disinfection train (BDT): 1 — the tank; 2 — a boiler room; 3 — shower; 4 — razdevalnya; 5 — a dezkamer; 6 — odevalnya; 7 — a warehouse of fresh linen; 8 — the car for staff; 9 — a warehouse of dirty linen; 10 — kitchen.

To O. - of t. carry various type mobile caravans — disinfection (see. Disinfection chambers ), shower (see. Shower installations ) and disinfection and shower, and also trains bathing and disinfection (BJP) and bathing prachechno - disinfection (BPDP) — fig. 1 and 2. The disinfection and shower installations mounted on cars and trailers are widely used in field conditions that allows to carry out in need of short terms at the same time cleansing (see) mass the contingents of staff of troops (civilian population) and disinfection (disinsection) of their regimentals, footwear and bedding (see. Disinfection , Disinsection ). The lake - of t. it is used also in field to lay down. institutions for a dignity. processings of the arriving wounded and patients.

Bathing and disinfection and bathing prachechio - disinfection trains intend for carrying out in wartime of sanitary cleaning of the military contingents transported by the railroads, disinfection of regimentals, and also washing of linen (bathing prachechno - the disinfection train).

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