OBEZOBRAZhENIE in the medicolegal relation

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OBEZOBRAZhENIE in the medicolegal relation — indelible change of a natural type of a human face as a result of mechanical, chemical, thermal and other violent influences. The questions connected with O. solve investigation authorities and vessels on the basis of the ethical representations accepted in our society taking into account a sex, age, a profession, etc. At the same time localization and expressiveness of traces of damages matters; e.g., the hems of a linear form located in natural folds of face skin, as a rule, do not cause considerable changes of outward and, therefore, cannot be referred to category of disfiguring.

In a task court. - medical examinations establishment of localization, the mechanism and prescription of emergence of damages, definition of degree of their weight, an izgladimost or indelibility in strict accordance with «Rules of medicolegal definition of severity of injuries» (1978) enters. Under izgladimostyo traces of damage understand considerable reduction of the sizes and expressiveness of cicatricial changes, deformations, disappearance or weakening of the formed pigmentation in the course of healing or as a result of conservative treatment. Carry such traces of damages as lack of a part of a nose, lips, an auricle, the rough, acting and pulling together hems formed as a result of bruises, action to the indelible disfiguring changes - t, alkalis, thermal influences, etc., to-rye can be eliminated only by means of plastic surgeries and are qualified as heavy injuries.

See also Examination, medicolegal .

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