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NOVURITUM (Novurit; synonym: Mercaphoramidum, Mercaphamidum; joint venture. B) — diuretic; organic compound of mercury. Sodium N-(ç-оксиртуть-2-метокси) salt - a propilamida camphoric to - you; With 14 H 24 HgNO 5 Na:

On pharmakol, to properties and the mechanism of diuretic action it is similar to mercusal (see), like N.'s Krom increases allocation by kidneys of hl. obr. ions of sodium and chlorine and thanks to it strengthens loss of water an organism. In comparison with diuretics from group of derivatives of a petrolthiadiazine to a lesser extent influences removal of potassium ions. Diuretic activity of N. correlates with the level of chlorides in blood. Activity of drug increases against the background of a metabolic acidosis (including against the background of the acidosis caused by ammonium chloride). At a metabolic alkalosis N.'s efficiency decreases. Diuretic action of N. develops in 1 — 3 hour after introduction and N.'s use continues apprx. 24 hours Due to the high toxicity and other mercury diuretics in modern medical practice it is limited.

N. apply hl. obr. at hypostases of cordial genesis and cirrhoses of a liver with developments of stagnation in system of a portal vein.

Appoint intramusculary (in hard cases intravenously) on 1 — 2 ml of 1 — 2 time a week or on 1 candle of 1 times in 3 — 5 days. Side effect of N. (hypersensitivity reaction to drug, a gi-pokhloremichesky alkalosis, the phenomena hron, mercury intoxication, etc.) is similar to side effect a measure the hall and. At N.'s intoxication as an antidote apply Unithiolum (see). As well as a measure the hall, N. is contraindicated at acute and hron, damages of kidneys (with decrease in density of urine lower than 1,018 — 1,020). The patient with heart failure receiving drugs of a foxglove, N. is appointed with care to avoid development of symptoms of intoxication by a foxglove.

Forms of release: ampoules on 1 or 2 ml in mix with theophylline (0,1 or 0,2 g of Novuritum from 0,045 or 0,09 g of theophylline), the candles containing 0,5 g of Novuritum and 0,2 g of anaesthesin.

See also Diuretics .

A. A. Lebedev.