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NOVOGALENOVA DRUGS (by name Roman doctor K. Galen ; synonym neogalenova drugs ) — the medicines received by way of extraction of active ingredients from medicinal raw materials of a plant origin and which are most purified of ballast substances. From galenovy drugs (see) N. items differ in high extent of cleaning of ballast substances.

The technology of receiving N. of the item was for the first time developed at the end of 19 century in Germany and France. In our country before Great October socialist revolution of N. of the item were not developed. The essential contribution to development of production of N. of the item and creation of new original drugs of this group brought collectives in the USSR All-Union research chemical and pharmaceutical in-that of Ordzhonikidze (VNIHFI), Kharkiv research himikofarmatsevtichesky in-that (HNIHFI), Ying-that pharmacochemistry of I. G. of Ku-tateladze AHN of the Georgian SSR, All-Union research in-that medicinal plants (VILR).

N and. receive by method of extraction of active ingredients from raw materials with afterpurification of the received products. As extragents use water, water solutions of acids, alkalis, salts, alcohol, mixes of chloroform or methylene chloride with ethanol. Extragent is selected so that it as much as possible dissolved active ingredients and is minimum — ballast. Along with it extragent shall be a good desorbent. Use for process of extraction of mix of solvents is explained by it. Most widely at N.'s receiving of vol. apply methods of counterflow and circulating extraction, to-rye allow to receive with the smallest expenses of time and solvents rather concentrated extracts without additional tekhnol, stages. In modern production also the method of ultrasonic extraction is used.

Special significance by N.'s production of the item is attached to afterpurification of extraction. For this purpose apply fractional sedimentation of the operating or ballast substances, extraction methods in system liquid — liquid, hromatografichesky methods. Careful purification of extraction drugs of ballast substances increases N.'s stability of the item and provides a possibility of receiving N. of the item for injections. The received N. and. standardization on the content of active ingredients biol, or chemical methods is exposed.

N of the item release in various dosage forms: for parenteral administration (injection solutions in ampoules), oral administration (solutions in the form of drops, a tablet), for rectal use (suppositories).

The vast majority of N. of the item included in the State register and GFH is developed from medicinal plants, containing cardiac glycosides (see) — foxgloves (see), adonis (see) and lily of the valley (see).

Treat number H. of the item received from a foxglove: Cordigitum containing the sum of glycosides of a foxglove purple; lantosidum containing the sum of glycosides of a foxglove woolly; the digalen-neo, containing glycosides of a foxglove rusty; digicil — drug from a foxglove ciliate.

From a grass of an adonis receive Adonisidum, and from leaves of a lily of the valley — Korglykonum.

N. are much less presented to the item, sources of receiving to-rykh are other groups medicinal plants (see). Items are among such N. ergotal representing the sum of phosphates of alkaloids of an ergot, and Flaminum containing the sum of flavones of an immortelle.

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