NOVINSKY Mstislav Aleksandrovich

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NOVINSKY Mstislav Aleksandrovich (1841 — 1914) — the domestic veterinarian, M. M. Rudnev's pupil, the ancestor of experimental oncology.

NOVINSKY Mstislav Aleksandrovich

In 1874 ended vt. department of the St. Petersburg medicochirurgical academy it was also left at it for improvement. Since 1881 until the end of life worked vt. the inspector on the railroad.

M. A. Novinsky for the first time in the world carried out subinoculation (transplantation) of malignant new growths on animals. The main experiences consisted in subinoculation of mozgovidny cancer of area of a nose and a myxosarcoma of a vagina of adult dogs on puppies.

The description of tumors, both initial, and expanded on site inoculations, confirms their identity. Worked well for it not only primary vaccinations of cancer and sarcoma, but also secondary subinoculations, thus the foundation was laid for creation of a tumoral strain. The technique of subinoculation of tumoral fabrics developed by M. A. Novinsky generally remained up to now. In the dissertation on «To a Question of Inoculation of Malignant New Growths» defended in 1877 on degree of the master vt. sciences, he gave the review of the unsuccessful attempts of transplantation of tumors made by other authors, in details stated is fiercely wild at own experiences, described their results and provided data careful gistol. studying of the replaced and taken root tumors.

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L. M. Sabbath.