NOVIKOVA Lyudmila Alekseevna

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NOVIKOVA Lyudmila Alekseevna (1901 — 1977) — the Soviet oncologist-gynecologist, the member correspondent of AMH (1961). Member of the CPSU.

NOVIKOVA Lyudmila Alekseevna

In 1924 ended medical f-t of the 2nd MSU (nowadays the 2nd Moscow medical in-t). From 1936 to 1960 worked in Moscow research oncological in-those of P. A. Herzen where passed a way from the research associate to professor (1956). Gave a course ginekol, oncology at department of oncology of TsIU (1945 — 1952). In 1955 protected dokt, the thesis on a subject about the combined cancer therapy of a neck of uterus. Since 1961 on 4977 g headed ginekol, department in Oncological scientific center of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences; at the same time (1967 — 1970) hl. obstetrician-gynecologist of M3 of the USSR.

L. A. Novikova published St. 100 scientific works on topical issues of an onkoginekologiya. It offered methods of cancer therapy of ovaries (operation in combination with chemotherapy hrizomalliny and Cyclophosphanum) and a hysterocarcinoma (using hormonal therapy by progestins). In the monograph «Chorion Epithelioma of an Uterus» and the subsequent works on this problem of L. A. Novikov proved an opportunity not only treatment of patients, but also recovery of reproductive function.

Was a member of bureau of Department the clip, medicine of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences, the member of boards All-Union, All-Russian and Moscow scientific about-in obstetricians and gynecologists, the honorary member about-in oncologists of the Kazakh SSR and Latvian SSR; the editor «Oncology» of BME redotdet.

It is awarded by two awards of the Labour Red Banner and medals.

Works: Questions of experimental, clinical oncology, under the editorship of A. I. Savitsky, M., 1953 (a bus of a number of hl.); The combined cancer therapy of a neck of uterus, a yew., M., 1955; Questions of recognition and treatment of malignant tumors of ovaries, Owls. medical, No. 8, page 33, 1961; The Multivolume guide to obstetrics and gynecology, under the editorship of L. S. Persianinov, t. 5, M., 1962 (bus of a number of hl.); Chemotherapy of malignant new growths of ovaries, Akush, and ginek., No. 3, page 88, 1962; Horionepitelioma of a uterus, L., 1968 (sovm, from Grigorovy T. M.); Use of protons of high energy at the combined cancer therapy of a neck of uterus, Medical radio-gramophones., t. 19, No. 1, page 5, 1974 (sovm, with other); Selective protection of the gastrointestinal tract against methotrexate in the treatment of patients with trophoblastic tumors, Cancer Treatment Rep., v. 61, p. 895, 1977 (sovm, with other); Tumors of female generative organs, in book: Wedge, onkol., under the editorship of H. N. Blochina and B. E. Peterson, t. 2, page 490, M., 1979.

Bibliography: To the 70 anniversary since the birth of professor L. A. Novikova, Akush, and ginek., No. 9, page 76, 1971.

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