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NOVARSENOLUM (Novarsenolum; synonym: Neoarsaminol, Neoarsemin, Neoarsphenaminum, Neosalvarsan, Novarsan, Spironovan; GFH, joint venture. A) — protivotreponemny means. Mix 3,3 '-diamino-4,4 '-диоксиарсенобензол-N-формальдегидсульфоксилата sodium with 3,3 '-diamino-4,4 '-dioksparsenobenzol-N,N'. sodium.

Yellow powder, easily water soluble. Contains 19 — 20% of arsenic.

The N was offered for treatment of syphilis by P. Ehrlich in 1912 (under the name «neosalvarsan») instead of more toxic salvarsan. Within several decades N. was the main antisyphilitic means. With the advent of drugs of penicillin and other antibiotics its value in therapy of syphilis decreased. On the treponemotsidny properties H. concedes to antibiotics, but surpasses drugs of bismuth and mercury. Except treponemas, also nek-ry protozoa are sensitive to N. (to a leushmania, trypanosomes). The mechanism of action of N. explain it with ability to block sulphhydryl groups of fermental systems of activators that leads to death of the last. In modern practice apply to treatment of syphilis of N. extremely seldom (only in cases of intolerance of antibiotics). Sometimes N. can use for treatment of a typhinia, a disease a sodoka, quinsies of Plau-ta — Vincent, abscess and gangrene of lungs.

N. appoint intravenously. Before N.'s dissolution in water for injections carefully check an integrity of an ampoule, color and flowability of the powder which is contained in it. The prepared solution shall be transparent. Standing of solutions on air within 5 min. leads to oxidation of drug and its unfitness to the use. At treatment of syphilis an initial dose of N. for men — 0,3 g, for women — 0,15 g. At the subsequent introductions the single dose increases by 0,15 g, but no more than to 0,6 g on an injection for men and 0,45 g for women (1 times in 5 — 6 days). Daily dose of 0,1 — 0,12 g. The general course dose of N. at treatment of primary and secondary syphilis of 5 — 5,5 g, at treatment of tertiary syphilis — 4 g. At children and pregnant women of N. do not apply to treatment of syphilis. Treatment of different stages syphilis (see) carry out according to the instruction approved by M3 of the USSR in 1976.

At N.'s use quite often there are complications, to-rye differ in a considerable variety and are characteristic of all group of drugs of arsenic (see. Arsenic, drugs ). In this regard N. has a large number of absolute and relative contraindications. So, it is contraindicated at individual intolerance, acute went. - kish. diseases, cankers went. - kish. path, acute inf. diseases, acute and hron, diseases of a liver and kidneys, endocrine organs, c. N of page, at tuberculosis, hron, intoxications etc.

Form of release: powder in the soldered ampoules on 0,15; 0,3; 0,45 and 0,6 g. Store in the cool, protected from light place. In case of change of outward (agglomeration, discoloration) drug shall not be allowed to use.

See also Antisyphilitic means .

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