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NOVAK Emil (Novak Emil, 1884 — 1957) — the American obstetrician-gynecologist.


In 1904 left the Baltimore medical college. Since 1915 the prof. ginekol, clinics Baltimore un-that. Scientific works of E. Novak concern various problems of obstetrics and gynecology. Its monograph (1921) is devoted to physiology of a menstrual cycle, clinic and a patomorfologiya of its frustration, their classification is offered them. He in detail described a patomorfologiya of a yellow body (1923), studied cyclic changes of an epithelium of uterine tubes (1928), questions of an etiology, a pathogeny and differential diagnosis of a vesical drift and a horionepitelioma, early forms of cancer of neck and a body of the womb (in particular, you intraepit l nalny cancer). It possesses a priority in development of a question of an atipichesky hyperplasia of an endometria. Its fundamental guide to obstetric and gynecologic pathology sustained 7 editions. E. Novak was honourable doctor Dublinsky un-that, the honorary member scientific about-in England, France, Bolivia, Scotland, Argentina.

Works: Menstruation and its disorders, N. Y. — L., 1921; Cyclical and other variations in the tubal epithelium, Amer. J. Obstet. Gynec., v. 16, p. 499, 1928 (sovm. with Everett H. S.); Relation of endometrial hyperplasia to adenocarcinoma of the uterus, ibid., v. 32, p. 674, 1932 (sovm. with Yui E.); Gynecological and obstetrical pathology with clinical and endocrine relations, Philadelphia — L., 1940, 1958 (sovm. with Novak Ed. R.).

Bibliography: Martzloff K. H. In memoriam (Novak Emil), West. J. Surg., v. 65, p. 107, 1957.

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