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NOSPANUM (Nospanum; synonym: Nospani hydrochloridum, Drotaverinum, Drotaverine etc.; joint venture. B) — antispasmodic. 1-(3,4 Diethoxybenzal) -6,7-диэтокси-1,2,3,4-тетрагидроизохинилина hydrochloride; With 24 H 31 O 4 N-HCl:

Represents light yellow powder, water soluble and alcohol. On a chemical structure and pharmakol. to properties it is close to to a papaverine (see), but surpasses it in activity and duration of action. Has spasmolytic effect on smooth muscles.

The N is easily soaked up in intestines. It is metabolized in a liver and partially allocated with bile. To 30% of the entered dose it is allocated during 48 — 72 hours with urine, and apprx. 40 — 50% — with a stake.

Apply for prevention and treatment of the states connected with spasms of unstriated muscles: attacks cholelithic and a nephrolithiasis, spastic states went. - kish. a path, spasms of smooth muscles at tool researches, at an idiopathic hypertensia in a combination with other antihypertensives, stenocardia, a dysmenorrhea, at a spasm of a neck of uterus at the time of delivery, the prolonged period of its disclosure, after patrimonial pains, the menacing abortion.

By adult N. appoint inside 0,04 — 0,08 g 2 — 3 times a day. Subcutaneously or intramusculary enter 2% of solution on 2 — 4 ml. For stopping of attacks of renal colic of N. it is possible to enter intravenously (slowly), at an obliterating endarteritis vnutriarterialno.

It is reasonable to patient with a peptic ulcer to appoint drug in a combination with atropine (see) or atropinopodobny means.

The N differs in good tolerance, however at parenteral administration can cause feeling of heat, perspiration, dizziness, tachycardia.

Contraindications to use N. are absent.

Forms of release: tablets on 0,04 g, ampoules on 2 ml of 2% of solution. Keep at the room temperature.

The N is also a part of the combined drugs of Nicospanum and bishian.

Nicospanum (Nicospanum; joint venture. B) contains N. and nicotinic to - that. Drug differs in more expressed vasodilating effect that is caused by a synergism of the ingredients which are its part.

Apply at spasms of brain and peripheral vessels (headaches of a vascular origin, vasospasms in a climacteric, the alternating lameness, a thromboangitis, etc.). Appoint 1 — 3 tablet a day after food or parenterally (subcutaneously, intramusculary) on 1 — 2 ml of 1 — 2 time a day. In case of emergency it is possible to administer the drug on 1 ml in a vein (slowly); at an obliterating thromboangitis directly in a femoral artery — 1 — 2 ml (slowly!).

At use of Nicospanum perhaps temporary face reddening, and then all body and feeling of heat that is explained by strong vasodilatation.

Forms of release: the tablets containing 78 mg of N. and 22 mg nicotinic to - you; the ampoules containing 64,2 mg of N. and 17,6 mg nicotinic to - you in 2 ml of solution.

Bispanum (Bispanum; joint venture. B) contains a holinoblokator izopropamid and N. Preparat has the expressed holinoblokiruyushchy and spasmolytic activity.

Apply at the diseases which are followed by spasms of smooth muscles of internals (enterospasms, a spastic colitis, gastralgias, acute and hron, hyperacid gastritis, a peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum, a cholecystopathy, spasms of ureters, a dysmenorrhea, etc.).

Contraindications to use of Bispanum are glaucoma and a prostatauxe.

Appoint at acute pains 1 — 2 tablet 2 — 3 times a day, at hron, sufferings — on 1 tablet 2 — 3 times a day during 3 — 6 weeks.

Form of release: the tablets containing 60 mg of N. and 5 mg of an izopropa-mid.

See also Antispasmodics .

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