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NOSCAPINUM (Noscapin; synonym narcotine) — alkaloid of opium of benzylisoquinolinic group. 1 (6,7-Dimetoksi-3-ftalidil) -8-метокси-2-метил-6,7-метилендиокси-1,2,3,4-тетрагидроизохинолин; With 22 H 23 NO 7  :

In opium (see) 0,75 — 10% of N. in the form of the free basis contain. It is similar to a papaverine (see) N. has spasmolytic effect, but on activity concedes to it. Has the expressed antibechic effect. Unlike morphine does not possess analgesic action and does not cause drug addiction. In experimental conditions promotes release of a histamine, in high doses causes a bronchospasm and hypotension, in toxic doses in animals — a spasm. Is a part Omnoponum (see). It is abroad applied as an antibechic.

V. V. Churyukanov.