NOGINA Olga Pavlovna

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NOGINA Olga Pavlovna (1885 — 1977) — the Soviet pediatrician, the participant of revolutionary movement, one of the first organizers of protection of motherhood and an infancy in the USSR, zasl. doctor of RSFSR (1948). The member of the CPSU since 1906; wife of the famous Bolshevik V. P. Nogin.

NOGINA Olga Pavlovna

In 1903 the f-t of the High female (Bestuzhevsky) courses in St. Petersburg arrived on natural; in 1904 it is excluded for participation in a student's strike. In 1904 — 1905 in Geneva it was connected with group of Bolsheviks led by V. I. Lenin, worked in the circle organized on his initiative of training of propagandists. After the revolution of 1905 returned to Russia, conducted party work. In 1906 arrived on medical f-t of the High female courses in Moscow. Was exposed to arrests (1908, 1910), dispatch under public supervision of police to Saratov (1911) ii it was excluded from courses without the right of receipt in a higher educational institution. In 1914 gained the diploma of the doctor, having passed the external state examinations in Moscow un-those; worked as the doctor in the Moscow province, continuing party activity. Since December, 1917 but to the invitation of H. A. Semashko worked in Moscow. Since 1918 headed section of protection of motherhood and an infancy of public health department of the Khamovniki district, from 1919 to 1929 — the Moscow public health department. It was elected the deputy of the Moscow Council. In 1929 — 1931 hl. doctor of the Morozovsky nursery-tsy; in 1931 — 1933 the organizer and the head of department of baby food in Ying-those food; since 1934 the head of department of protection of motherhood and an infancy Narkomzdrava of RSFSR; since 1937 the research associate Ying-that protection of motherhood and an infancy (afterwards Ying-that pediatrics of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences). In 1944 protected the edging. the thesis on the subject «Role of a Statistical Analysis in Improvement of Work of Child Care Facilities».

Actively participated in creation of network women's and children's to lay down. - professional, institutions, in training, in promotion and implementation of preventive fundamentals of the Soviet health care. The author and the editor of scientific and popular works (apprx. 30) on protection of motherhood and an infancy. «Pediatrics» of the 2nd prod. was an editor of a redotdel. BME.

It is awarded by two awards of the Labour Red Banner, two awards «Sign of Honour» and medals.

Works: Protection of motherhood and infancy in Moscow p the Moscow province, M., 1929 (an edition sovm, with Dulitsky S. O.); School food, M. 1933 (edition); Thirty years of protection of mother and the child in the USSR, M., 194 7; The Correspondence course of pregnant women, M., 1955 (sovm, with other); Organization and work of a day nursery, M., 1961.

Bibliography: Doctors Bolsheviks is builders of the Soviet health care, under the editorship of E. II. Lot and V. D. Petrova, page 293, M. 1970; M and N and N of N and to about in and N. Olga Pavlovna Nogina, Pediatrics, No. 1, page 91, 1971.

X. I. Idelchik.