NOFER Hedgehogs

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NOFER Hedgehogs (Nofer Jerzy, 1916 — 1981) — the Polish hygienist and the pathologist, professor (1955).

NOFER Hedgehogs

In 1939 ended medical f-t Warsaw un-that; since 1952 the associate professor medical in-that in Warsaw. Since 1955 the department chair of the general hygiene in medical in-those (for 1961) and the director Ying-that medicine of work (for 1977) to Lodz.

E. Nofer published St. 70 scientific works on questions of the organization of health care in the industry, the prof. of pathology and industrial toxicology. Its works on toxicology and prevention of the prof. of intoxications as carbon sulfur in production of synfil, on a gigabyte have scientific and practical value. to assessment of a production microclimate, studying of working conditions and prevention of occupational diseases in the textile industry, mechanical engineering, metalworking, etc. industries.

As the deputy president of the International association of medicine of work, the WHO expert made a big contribution to the international cooperation in occupational health and the prof. of pathology. Was an editor of the magazine «Rgasu's Medycyna» (1955 — 1972), the chairman of the work, Polish about-va medicine. E. Nofer was the honorary member of the work, Polish, Hungarian, Czechoslovak about-in medicine, and Ob-va of hygiene and labor protection of GDR.

It is awarded by awards of the Banner of work I and II of a class, an officer cross of an award of the Renaissance of Poland, etc.

Works: Wplyw gor^cego mikroklimatu przed-zalni i tkalni na absencje chorobow^. i wydajnosc pracy robotnik6w, Med. Pracy, N 5, s. 325, 1953 (sovm, with Podd§bniak S.); La toxicite de certaines huiles volatiles, Proc. 12-th Int. congr. on occupat. hlth, v. 3, p. 261, Helsinki, 1957 (sovm, with other); Zagad-nienie absencji chorobowej w przemysle, Med. Pracy, N 5, s. 305, 1957; Some problems concerning health protection of women in the industries, Health care (Mezhdunarodn. zhurn.), No. 2, page 29, 1958 (sovm, with other); Absencja w przemysle spowodowana chorobami narz^du kr^zenia, Med. Pracy, N 2, s. 157, 1961.

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