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NITROZOMETILMOCHEVINA - (Nitrosomethyiurea; joint venture. A) — the synthetic antineoplastic means relating to nitrozoamida. N, as well as nek-ry others nitrozoalkilmochevina (see), in experimental conditions possess oncogenous action. Constitutional formula:

White crystal powder, poorly water soluble (to 2%) and unstable in solution.

The mechanism of action is based by hl. obr. on reaction alkylations (see). Apply at treatment of a lymphogranulomatosis, small-celled cancer of a lung, a melanoma (in a combination with Dactinomycinum, Vincristinum).

Contraindications: leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, serious illness of a liver and kidneys, exhaustion. N enter intravenously in doses 6 — 10 mg on 1 kg of bucketed body weight in 2 — 3 days (3 — 4 g on a course of treatment). In the course of treatment after each injection there can sometimes be nausea, vomiting, occasionally diarrhea. At N.'s hit on skin pigmentation appears, in case of introduction under skin there comes the necrosis of fabrics. By the end 2 — the leukopenia and thrombocytopenia can develop 3rd week of treatment.

Form of release: in ampoules on 0,3 and 0,5 g. Keep in the place protected from light at a temperature not over 5 °.

See also Antineoplastic means .

Bibliography: Perevodchikova N. I. Clinical chemotherapy of tumoral diseases, page 9, etc., M., 1976; Emanuel H. M, etc. Nitrozoalkil-mocheviny — a new class of antineoplastic drugs, M., 1978.

N. I. Perevodchikova.