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NITROXOLINE (Nitroxolinum; synonym: 5-HOK, 5-NOK, Nibiol, Nit-roxoline, Niuron, Noxibiol, Uritrol; joint venture. B) — synthetic chemotherapeutic means. 5-Nitro-8-oksikhinolin; With 9 H 6 N 2 O 3  :

Fine-crystalline powder of flavovirent color, almost water-insoluble.

NITROXOLINE possesses a wide range of antimicrobic action. Are sensitive to it miogy gram-positive (strepto-and staphylococcus, a diphtheritic stick, etc.) and gram-negative (colibacillus, salmonellas, shigellas, vulgar proteas, a pyocyanic stick, etc.) microorganisms, and also nek-ry fungi (e.g., Candida albicans).

The minimum bacteriostatic concentration of N. for the majority of activators make from 1 to 5 mkg/m of l, and for a pyocyanic stick — apprx. 40 mkg/ml.

Unlike other derivatives 8 oxyquinolines — Enteroseptolum (see), Chiniofonum (see) — N. is well soaked up from went. - kish. a path and, practically without being metabolized, it is removed in not changed look through kidneys. In this regard in urine drug collects in the concentration (to 100 mkg/ml and above) considerably exceeding minimum bacteriostatic for all microorganisms, sensitive to it.

N. apply at acute and hron, inf. diseases of kidneys and urine of the removing ways (pyelonephritis, cystitis, prostatitis, an urethritis, etc.) caused by microflora, sensitive to it, and also for prevention of infections after kidney and urinary tract operations.

Appoint inside the adult 0,1 g 4 times a day in time or after food. In hard cases of N. appoint up to 0,8 g a day.

The average daily dose for children up to 5 years makes 0,2 g, 5 years — 0,2 — 0,4 g are more senior. At hron, N.'s infections appoint repeated courses lasting 2 — 3 weeks with two-week breaks between them. For prevention of infections after the Urals, operations drug is appointed on 0,1 g by 4 times a day during 2 — 3 weeks.

Side effect The N is shown by hl. obr. nausea and allergic reactions. At a renal failure drug is appointed with care in view of possible cumulation. Urine at N.'s use is painted in saffron-yellow-yellow color.

N. it is contraindicated at hypersensitivity to it and other derivatives 8 oxyquinolines.

Forms of release: dragee and tablets, coated, on 0,05 g. Keep in the dry, protected from light place.

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V. K. Muratov.