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NITRAZEPAM (Nitrazepamum; synonym: Eunoctin, Mogadon, Radedorm etc.; joint venture. B) — somnolent and tranquilizing means. 7-Nitro-2, 3-digidro - 5 - phenyl - 1-1H-1,4 - benzodiazepine - 2 - it; With 15 H 11 N 3 O 3  :

Crystal powder of yellowish color. It is water-insoluble, easily alcohol-soluble.

In an experiment on animal N. depending on a dose oppresses conditioned reflexes, reduces aggression, without changing a physical activity, renders the weakening and anticonvulsant action expressed muscular (according to tests of the maximum electroshock, strikhni-new and korazolovy spasms). The N drowses also strong. Under the influence of drug at healthy people the general time of a dream increases, its cyclic organization changes, stage of latency is extended and duration of paradoxical phasa of a dream decreases, time of a superficial dream sharply increases (see. Dream ). On a nek-eye to data, patients with neurosises can have useful N.'s ability suppress paradoxical phasa of a dream at treatment of frustration of a dream with excess representation of paradoxical phasa and dreadful dreams. N.'s cancellation after the period of its regular use causes effect of «return» of paradoxical phasa of a dream, i.e. increase in duration of this stage.

In such cases after awakening patients complain of headaches, drowsiness, feeling of weakness, etc. On ability to change structure of a dream (shortening of duration of paradoxical phasa, change of recurrence of a dream) to N. has looking alike barbiturates and significantly differs from other drugs of a benzodiazepine row — diazepam (see), chlordiazepoxide (see).

N. apply hl. obr. as a hypnagogue at sleep disorders of various origin. The dream after N.'s reception inside comes in 20 — 45 min. and lasts apprx. 6 — 8 hours Due to the calming, somnolent and muscular weakening N.'s action can be applied also in anesteziol, practice in to - and the postoperative period.

Appoint inside in tablets for half an hour to a dream. A dose for adult 0,005 — 0,01 g

of N. it is contraindicated at acute diseases of a liver and kidneys, heavy myasthenia. It is not necessary to appoint N. along with derivatives of a fenotiazin and MAO inhibitors. Drug should not be recommended to drivers of transport and persons, work to-rykh demands bystry intellectual and physical reaction. Alcohol exponentiates action of N. Therefore for the period of N.'s use it is reasonable to prohibit the use of alcoholic drinks. Prolonged regular use of N. can lead to development of a syndrome of medicinal dependence.

Form of release: tablets on 0,01 g

See also Hypnagogues , Tranquilizers .

Yu. V. Burov.