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NISSLYA METHOD (F. Nissl, is mute. the neuropathologist and the psychiatrist, 1860 — 1919) — a way of histologic coloring of nervous tissue. N. is offered by Nissl in 1894 the m along with impregnation by silver widely is applied to studying of nervous tissue as is normal, and at pathology. The method allows to judge a normality and patol, changes in nervous cells (flocculation of tigroid, tigroliz, vacuolation of cytoplasm, etc.), and also in glial elements. Original N. the m underwent a number of simplifications eventually; instead of it apply various modifications, in particular the so-called m simplified by N. Pieces of a brain up to 3 — 4 mm thick fix in alcohol or in 10 — 15% formalin. After fixing it is desirable to degrease pieces in the alcohol which is repeatedly replaced within several months of 96%. Filling is made in photoxylin or paraffin, producing as much as possible thin sections. Frozen sections from the material fixed by formalin maintain at t ° 37 ° in 70% alcohol. Cuts paint usually in solution toluidine blue (0,1%), thionine (0,1 —-1,0%) or cresylic violet (0,5%), trying to obtain intensive coloring for what solutions can be warmed up. Coloring is differentiated in 70 — 96% alcohol or in mix of 90 ml of 96% of alcohol from 10 ml of fresh aniline oil, then drugs carry out through absolute alcohol and conclude in neutral Canada balsam. The enlightenment in kayeputovy oil improves quality of drug, but during incomplete removal of oil cuts soon become colourless. At the correct coloring according to N. of m chromatophilous substance nervous cell (see) gains intensive-blue, lilac or violet color, kernels become light or bluish, kernels dark blue, well come to light also glial cells, vessels and so forth. Drugs gradually fade in this connection they are recommended to be stored in the dark.

See also Histologic methods of a research .

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