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NIPPERS MEDICAL — the tools intended for tightening, capture, a nibble, keeping and movement of bodies and fabrics, various materials and objects of medical prescription during the carrying out medical and diagnostic manipulations and also for extraction of foreign bodys. Nippers for a skusyvaniye of bone tissues, cartilages, polyps, papillomas are called also nippers (see. Surgical tools), and for keeping of bones — kosteder-zhatel (see. Orthopedic tools). Action Shch. by m it is based on the principle of the lever of the first sort.

Originally appeared Shch. m for extraction from the narrow wound and natural courses of bullets, foreign bodys. Nomenclature Shch. m it is quite wide and contains apprx. 100 names. The nippers, most widespread in medical practice, are given in the table.

Use Shch. by m for keeping of fabrics and bodies it is inevitably connected with injuring since for prevention of a vyskalzyvaniye of fabrics on working sponges of nippers there are teeth or cutting (the tab., fig. 1, 2, 3, 7, 11, 12, 14, 17, 20, 29, 30). The more sharply teeth,

the more reliably nippers take fabric and the stronger injure it. Y. m for keeping of bodies do generally with fenestrated sponges of various form, on to-rykh, as a rule, there are teeth or cutting. Such nippers provide more reliable fixing of fabrics and bodies at their minimum traumatization (the tab., fig. 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 13, 15, 16, 18, 19, 21, 22, 23, 26). Tongue forceps belong to nippers of this sort. Nippers for extraction of stones and foreign bodys, packing, removal of tumors, polyps, papillomas make with sponges in the form of spoons (the tab., fig. 8, 20, 24). Handles of the majority

Shch. m — ring, however at nek-ry (naira., at tooth) they are bent in a shape of a palm and supplied with notches (see. Dental tools).

Y. m usually produce from stainless chrome steel of brand 30X13 (0,3% of carbon and apprx. 13% of chrome); they shall be tempered and well polished. Disinfection Shch. the m is carried out by boiling in water within 45 — 60 min., and sterilization — in drying ovens (see) at t ° 180 ° within 60 min. (see Sterilization).

See also Obstetric and gynecologic tools, Clips surgical, Neurosurgical tools, About Eno's Torahs laryngologic tools, Urological tools, Surgical tools.

The table



the Name of nippers and their appointment (in brackets number of the tool in the drawing is specified)

the Total length (L) and width of working part (6) &vnbsp; mm

Habit view of nippers and type of their worker &chastinbsp; (a)

Obstetrics and gynecology


&of nbsp;


General surgery

&of nbsp;




&of nbsp;

Traumatology and orthopedics

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